Wikipedia defines epoxy resins as 'Epoxy is a

by:SANDAO     2020-05-26
In the section below, we have discussed some of the applications and versatile uses of epoxy resins- The adhesive industry uses epoxy based resins for the process of curing, which alters the chemical properties. These properties make these resins appropriate for coating and adhesive purposes. These resins form a thin protective layer around the object offering it excellent hardness. Used in industrial and automobile industry, they help to provide effective results in case of corrosion and its prevention. Their residential applications may include its uses as paints or for color protectors. These resins have their uses in repairing things that are made of porcelain, things made of wood or leather, metal and glass. When it comes to industrial uses, these resins have a wide usage in the cosmetic dentistry industry, communication industry in the form of fibre optics and optoelectronics. The electronics industry uses these resins widely for making insulators, and electricity conductors. In electrical systems and electronics industry, these resins find its uses in motors, bushing, and insulators. Protection is provided to electrical components from external factors as dust or short-circuiting with the help of these resins. One of biggest areas where these resins have their applications is in the marine industry. There are some important reasons due to which they are used in the marine industry. One of these reasons is the better mechanical properties as compared to the polyester resins that for it to be employed widely in the production of marine components. The other reason is their strength, property to fill gaps and adhesion. Epoxy resins also have applications in the aerospace industries where they are mixed with fibre in order to construct structural matrix material. Finally, these highly utilized resins are also used in biology for the sectioning of the samples which are later imaged using an electron microscope.
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