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by:SANDAO     2020-06-03
Buying your instant mix epoxy While there are one component epoxy adhesives available in hardware stores, most epoxy products come in a two-component system, usually composed of a resin and a hardener. Many of these epoxy adhesives start to set within an hour and will cure completely after several hours. These types of epoxy adhesive are not only ideal for complex projects or multi-piece assemblies, they are also tough enough for sanding and drilling projects. If you are fine with a longer setting and curing time at one hour to several hours, you will do well in using regular epoxy adhesives. For quick projects that require the same level of high strength adhesion without a long curing time, an instant mix epoxy can set in as short as five minutes and achieve handling strength within an hour. Tips in using an instant mix epoxy The biggest advantage in using an instant mix epoxy is its ability to handle quick yet highly effective bonding. You don't need to wait for long hours for setting to start and overnight for curing to be completed. Once the adhesive has been applied to the surface, you must press both surfaces together within 4 minutes, and expect the bond to set in 5 minutes. One helpful tip is to pre-fit the materials to be joined together to make sure that you get an accurate fit once bonding has taken place. The setting time for these instant mix epoxy adhesives are also dependent on temperature. Ideal temperature for bonding is between 68 degrees to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. At warmer temperatures you can actually quicken setting time, while at cooler temperatures setting time may be lengthened. Excess glue may be cleaned away with a sharp blade, or by using mineral spirits or paint stripper. For quicker repairs and do-it-yourself projects, the 5min Instant Mix Epoxy is always handy to have around. It offers quick bonding without compromising adhesion performance, and works with a variety of materials for excellent, dependable versatility. The Hardware City, an Online hardware store features a vast inventory of over 45,000 products at unbeatable prices. Check out their deal on the 5min Instant Mix Epoxy today!
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