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What's heat conductive silicone grease ?

Thermal conductivity silicone grease has excellent electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity, can keep using for a long time in the temperature - 50 ℃ to + 230 ℃, besides, has a low oil from (tends to zero), high and low temperature resistance, resistance to water, ozone and weathering. 

The heat-conducting silicone grease can be widely applied to the contact surface between the heating elements (power tube, thyristor, electric heating reactor, etc.) and the heat dissipation facilities (heat radiator, heat dissipation bar, shell, etc.) in electrical equipment, playing the role of heat transmission media and protecting against moisture, dust, corrosion and shock.

Application : LED lamp heat conduction, transistor, CPU assembly, thermistor, temperature sensor, automobile electronic parts, automobile refrigerator, power module.etc.

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