What are dispensing systems actually? Let we explain;

by:SANDAO     2020-06-01
I know a company i.e. Bartec Dispensing Technologies; Bartec Dispensing machines range from a table top dispensing system to an automated turn-key solution line with multiple operations. 1. The material conditioning: vacuum degassing, temperature control, agitation, air loading and recirculation. 2. Metering: Positive displacement volumetric gear pumps are used to achieve a precise dispensing mix ratio between the 2 component resins 3. Mixing and dispensing: metering and mixing equipment can be static mixing or dynamic mixing. 4. Material recirculation is used when dispensing foam polyurethanes, foam silicones or when dispensing materials with heavy fillers in order to dispense fresh material at all times. 5. Cleaning Agent: Our dynamic mixing head is cleaned with a Bio citrus solvent which cleans the mixed material. Short pot life materials or very small flow rate dispensing applications can benefit from this system. Process repeatability is guaranteed. Dispensing system is monitored in real time assuring that your mix ratio, flow rate and shot size are within the specification or the machine will stop dispensing. This assures you will not produce scrap in your meter, mix and dispensing application. Metering Pump Technology Volumetric positive displacement gear pumps are selected based on the resin characteristics and the dispensing application. You can get these from Bartec Mixing and dispensing Technology Let we know; when we use Static mixing? * Resins with long pot life * Simple mixing ratios (e.g. 1:1) * Larger flow rates (e.g. 10 g/sec.) * Similar viscosities between resin and hardener (e.g. 40,000cps to 25,000cps) When to use dynamic mixing: * Resins with short potlife * Extreme mixing ratios (e.g. 100 : 5) * Small flow rate (e.g. 0,05 g/sec) * Large differences in viscosities between resin and hardener (e.g. 40,000: 7,000) At last one thing, I would like to clear that this article is taken from my own website www.bartec-dt.com
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