What about FOB of ms adhesive ?
Please contact our Client Service regarding the FOB for specific items. we'll clarify the terms and conditions quickly when we begin our negotiation, and to urge everything in writing, thus there's ne'er any doubt on what has been set. If you're unsure regarding that Incoterms is more beneficial for you, or you have from now on queries, our sales consultants could help!

Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd occupies a vast foreign market in Thermal conductive material TDS. Various in styles, SANDAO New Material's Thread locker sealants can meet the needs of different customers. This healthy and environmentally friendly fabric does not make sensitive skin itchy, uncomfortable or even unbearable. The product has achieved the requirement of mechanical property completely. Adding a logo on this product guarantees free marketing. Anywhere it goes, on transit, people are bound to take notice of this uniquely designed product.

SANDAO New Material promises Anaerobic adhesive series warranty for one year, long-term after-sale spare parts service. Get more info!
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