What about CFR/CNF of silicone rubber adhesive ?
Please consult Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd Customer Service for the CFR/CNF of silicone rubber adhesive. Our company provides quotations based on various incoterms. When you choose CNF, you should be aware that it is similar to CIF, except insurance is not included. While a CNF price can look very attractive, keep in mind that when the goods arrive there, you’ll have to organize customs clearance and delivery to your office or warehouse. And this will bring other costs such as customs clearance fees, import duty, port security charges, etc.

By providing high quality bonding adhesive, SANDAO New Material has been seeking for long-term development. Various in styles, SANDAO New Material's Two-component epoxy structure bonding can meet the needs of different customers. Advanced technology is used in the manufacturing process of SANDAO uv glue for glass. After curing, it can be waterproof, dampproof, and dustproof. This product helps minimize damages. This product gives one the ability to use exact dimensions for the merchandise so that it will be safe while on transit. It is an indispensable important insulating material for the electronics industry.

We hold the belief of modified silane nail free adhesive to be a professional enterprise. Get info!
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