Watch crystal repair is among the more common

by:SANDAO     2020-05-24
Watch crystals are made of acrylic, glass and cut glass. Most watches use flat crystals while some use magnified, and some domed. In keeping with the shape of watches, crystals are circular, oblong or even rectangular. Watch repair stores maintain an assortment of all kinds and shapes of crystals for catering to the need of customers. Replacing crystals is a matter of minutes and is complete even before you could complete reading an article in a magazine. Replacing an Acrylic Watch Crystal Watch repair Los Angeles stores are very careful while replacing crystals. These crystals are either attached with the aid of chemicals or through a mechanical process. Usually acrylic crystals used mostly in regular watches you wear are fixed by epoxy chemicals. Though it might appear that fixing watch crystal with an adhesive is messy it is not so. Specially designed applicators prevent spillage of adhesive on to the dial or band. While still wet, a new crystal is placed cautiously and pressed carefully for fixing. Fifteen minutes of drying is sufficient for a replaced watch crystal. Replacing a Glass Watch Crystal Watch crystal repair for a glass variety also is done without delay. Glass and cut glass crystals are fitted with gasket and security rings. This security ring is metallic, usually made of stainless steel. Rubber of superior quality is used as packing material for your watch crystals. Specially designed forceps, lifters, digital calliper, and case press are used for fitting your watch crystal. It is good to replace the gasket of your watch every time a new crystal is put in place so that fitment is secure. Fitting of mineral crystals is a more elaborate process as compared to acrylic or glass crystals. Watch repair Los Angeles shops use ultraviolet glass epoxy and ultraviolet lamps for replacing mineral crystals. Mineral crystals are used in watches having a metallic bezel. The ultraviolet adhesive and lamp is also useful in making a magnifying window for your watch crystal to highlight 'day-date' portion. Replacing Generic Watch Crystals Watch repairers also keep stocks of generic crystals for your watch. These are model and brand specific and might not be used universally. Rolex, Omega, Seiko, Citizen, Bulova, Swiss Army are few brands that have their generic collection of watch crystals. High end models also use sapphire crystals which are scratch proof and are considerably tougher than glass or acrylic watch crystals. Sapphire or generic crystals are never glued but always fitted with gaskets and tension rings. Watch crystal repair for high end watches should ideally be done from authorised stores.
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