UV equipment uses less energy, therefore significantly

by:SANDAO     2020-05-24
The technology has no radical effects on the environment as there is no pollution and this leads to eco-friendlier atmosphere. These Equipments are used in curing epoxy, ink, paint, resins and more. The equipment used here are rugged and industrial in design and come with auto range AC input. Ultraviolet is a method by which monomers undergo curing i.e. polymerization or cross-linking when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. In UV systems they are used to polymerize the adhesive into the assemblies. The UV cure adhesive bonding solutions should be such that they offer reliable light systems and the curing process is repeatable. These systems can be integrated into existing manufacturing assembly lines or used as stand-alone, bench-top curing systems. The advantages of the ultraviolet process are: There are different types of UV Curing systems - Intelli-Ray 400 UV Curing System, Porta-Ray 400 UV Curing System and UV Conveyor 40 Dual Lamp. The systems are compact and easily transportable. Important features to know about the different UV Curing systems: The following safety considerations must be executed to ensure safe installation and operation of UV devices
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