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by:SANDAO     2020-05-28
OHSU team also found that one called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) biochemical detection technology of bioluminescent beside the chair is a very useful tool, can be used in the process of orthodontic treatment to rapid quantitative oral bacteria and assess the oral health status. The results of this study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in the April 2009 issue of the magazine, the magazine is America's most important a fraternity reviewed orthodontic science magazine. Orthodontic treatment is easy to produce acid bacteria surround the brace, this is a common problem in orthodontics in learning. These bacteria produce acid can damage teeth enamel, surface may cause tooth discoloration, these changes affect beautiful may continue for many years after orthodontic treatment. Around each tooth of traditional ligation method with wire does affect oral health, causes plaque to gather, damage tooth enamel and new braces ligation method has many advantages compared with the old way. In orthodontic learn study, although several studies analyzed the fixed orthodontic correction effect on oral bacteria, however, few studies have compared the different slot structure, especially the arch wire ligation method influence on oral bacteria, also there are few research assessment fixed appliance caused by bacterial aggregation degree. OHSU research and other studies of the difference is that it is a randomized clinical study, the points of comparison of two different design orthodontic treatment apparatus, self-locking and rubber band ligation, the number of bacteria plaque around. OHSU study examined 14-11 to 17 years old patients were on opposite sides of each patients in oral use of self-locking braces and rubber band ligation of braces, the researchers examined before orthodontic bracket bonding and adhesive patients at 1 week and 5 weeks after the number of bacteria plaque around braces, adopt the colony count of dish culture of traditional technology and ATP bioluminescence technique to calculate number of bacteria. Research shows that no matter in one week or five weeks, use the rubber band ligation braces tooth surface of the bacteria plaque is more, with oral streptococcus, bacteria levels at 1 week after bonding slot is particularly high. Rubber band ligation of plaque around braces is higher levels of ATP bioluminescence. The study is in the comprehensive, a biology professor at OHSU Curt Machida laboratory, Dr Curt, is also the leading researchers of the study Dr Machida, he points out 'Ligation method will affect the bonding groove teeth plaque bacteria in the surface of the level'. Our results suggest that the use of self-locking, diseases of the tooth correctional implement around the surface of bacterial plaque quantity will be less.'
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