The concepts of adhesives and glues have been

by:SANDAO     2020-05-22
Have you ever wondered what wood glue is and where are they used.....? There are many kinds of glues available in the markets. Mostly hard wares and adhesive stores contain various types of adhesives used for different purposes. If you ever felt a problem in selecting wood glue, then I will help you in this stance. Here are five types of wood glues that are needed for ninety nine percent wood bonding requirements; The first one to discuss is the wood worker's or also known as aliphatic resin emulsion which most call as carpenter's glue or yellow glue. It is somewhat similar to polyvinyl acetate or white glue but with more tacky quality and with less slippage. They dry to a bond that is much stronger than other wood glues. Another wood glue named epoxy resin glue, that is available in the form of two parts and you have to mix it before use. It usually adhere metal to woods. It is also great in attaching handles. It is helpful in joining damp woods but most other adhesives require the wood to be dry. Well-known wood glue is cyanoacryalte adhesive which is commonly called as 'super glue' or CA glue. Thin and watery CA glue is usually used to fill cracks in burls and other woods. Thick CA glues are mostly used to fill voids in woods that might useless otherwise. Most popular wood glue is polyurethane glue. The rise in the popularity of turning wooden pens brought this change. Some pen turners use CA glues to attach the brass sleeves to the wooden pen blanks, other use polyurethane glue to fill such gaps along with its greater ability to be valuable in turning pens and other similar projects. Lastly, one of the least used and less popular glue is hot glue from a hot glue gun. It what the most crafters use. It is usually used to quickly make temporary jigs and to hold useless blocks to faceplate turnings. You should always use the high heat and not the low heat glues. All of the above mentioned wood glues are valuable and extremely important for the wood turners. Each one of it has its own value and place in the workshop. I think it would be helpful for you guys to understand various kinds of wood glues available in the markets and their uses.
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