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Solution to bubbles in epoxy resin potting compound

During the filling process, the problem of bubbles in the capacitor after filling is often encountered, which may be due to the following reasons:

1. Bubbles come when mixing and potting

It is very easy to bring air into the glue because of the large viscosity of glue or wrong stirring. If the viscosity of glue is large, the bubble is difficult to eliminate. If the glue viscosity is small, the glue solidifies slowly, the bubble will slowly float to the surface to eliminate automatically.

In order to eliminate the bubbles in the process of glue filling, the bubbles can be eliminated by vacuuming, heating to reduce viscosity, adding diluent to reduce viscosity or adding defoamer. Pls choose the best way for yourself. 


2. Bubbles come during curing

There are also several reasons for the formation of bubbles in the curing process: the curing speed is too fast, the exothermic temperature is high, the shrinkage of the glue is large, too much plasticizer and solvent in the glue.these are easy to produce bubbles in the curing process.

Epoxy resin sealant is widely used in electronic products such as transformers, capacitors and so on. Its main functions are moisture-proof, water-proof, oil-proof and dust-proof. It also has excellent resistance to moisture, heat and aging. By virtue of these advantages, it occupies a considerable advantage in the field of electronic encapsulation.

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