Slate floors are highly fashionable right now,

by:SANDAO     2020-05-22
Although you will no doubt be working to a budget and hoping to get the best value for money tools around, don't scrimp on the quality for the sake of a few pounds. This is particularly true of your cutting tools, as you won't want to waste your investment in stunning slate tiles because your cutter isn't making the nice clean lines you need. Stick to big brand names rather than unknown quantities where you can, but do check prices online as you can often get the items cheaper there than on the high street. If you're planning to lay a slate floor, you've probably already worked out the cost of the tiles you need. But, have you also planned in the cost of the tools and kit you will need to buy or hire to ensure you can do the job properly? Here are the basic tools required for a slate flooring project:
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