Since working with a laptop on the lap is necessarily

by:SANDAO     2020-06-23
Other than the damages caused by us, there are so many internal and external technical problems that our laptops acquire. For most of the damages, however, you don't need to go to the manufacturers. You can easily fix them yourself and skip expensive repairs at computer shops. For this, all you need is preparation for a little effort with help of a few tools and spare parts. Let's know what some common problems with laptops are and how we can find cheap and best solution for them: A noisy bad fan A noisy fan isn't only incapable of bringing enough cooling air but also is highly annoying. Due to insufficient cooling air, the laptop overheats and there are chances for onside electronics to get damaged. This can only end up putting you to thorough and over expensive laptop repair. But fan related problems are not that hard and you can fix them without getting to change the fan. The most common problem with fans is that they get clogged with dust and give noisy sound. To fix the problem: Find out where your notebook has vents for fresh air to come in and hot air to exit Put a plastic straw in and blow out the dust inside Open the case to remove the dust and clean the fan Check if something is there sticking to the blades of the fan If the problem is not due to the dust and clogging, consider changing the fan Scratched Screen To replace the screen of your laptop is quite costly. And if your system is old and you change the screen due to scratches only, you're in loss. You can fix it easily if the display is slightly scratched. This is sort of a gateway laptop repair; you can use toothpaste and elbow Greece to inconspicuously fill up the gaps formed by the scratches. You need to gently rub toothpaste on the scratches with your finger. Keep rubbing the toothpaste in circular motion for some time and fill the space. Later, use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the screen. Broken or stuck keys It is no doubt highly bugging when the keys of your notebook get stuck and don't properly work. Normally, to replace a single key is almost equally expensive to getting a new keyboard. So when your notebook has a broken or stuck key, don't go for changing it. It is always wise to get you a new one instead. Make sure that you've tried all the keys before you finalize the keyboard. Tattered charger cord Often, we take a laptop along while traveling. To help it work continuously, we keep it plugged in for charging. We plug and unplug quite frequently and the power cord gets tattered. It is a simple task to fix this problem though. Consider getting a new cord to fix the problem, for it can damage the battery and sometimes cause fire. If the damage is very slight, you can fix it easily yourself. You can roll electrical tape over the torn area. It is better to use black silicone sealant as it not only fixes it permanently but also matches the color of the cord. Maximum of our business work is dependent of laptops. While working on them, certain problems surface. Most of them, however, can be fixed at home without costing anything.
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