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silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091

Silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091

Model number
transparent semi-fluid/black semi-fluid
100ml/pcs, 310ml/pcs
Main characteristic
Flame-retardant V-0
Main application
bonding silica gel with plastic, silica gel with metal, silica gel with silica gel etc.
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within a week after payment
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Company Advantages
1. Standard manufacturing: SANDAO rtv silicone rubber is manufactured adopting the highest production standards at home and abroad. These standards include quality production system and operating system. Strong weather resistance makes attribute to its long service life
2. Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd's customer service team continuously provides excellent service to customers. It is corona-resistant and has good resistance to electric leakage
3. The product is tear resistant. Made of highly durable materials that are tightly woven, it can effectively resist puncturing. The product features good extrusion properties

our product


silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-1
silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091
Silicone adhesive SD9091 is a kind of silicone adhesive which can be bonded silica gel with silica gel. It is colorless and translucent viscous liquid, excellent insulation, good adhesion, bonding directly without special treatment. high strength, Slow dry type, good softness of adhesive area after curing, moisture-proof, anti-seismic, corona resistance, anti-leakage resistance, anti-cold and hot alternating property (-60 ~ 260 ℃).


  • ◪   Bonding silica gel directly without special treatment. high strength, slow dry type, soft adhesive area after curing, align the adhesive surface for 10 minutes, after gluing, put 24 hours to stick firmly.

  • ◪   Sensitive material will not be corrosive, not white.



1) The silicone special adhesive is used for adhesive bonding silica gel with plastic, silica gel with metal, silica gel with silica gel etc.
2) The silicone special adhesive is widely used for silicone mobile phone case, silicone toys, cartoon silicone, silicone sealed tube etc.
3) Bonding and moisture proof seal of Silicon Gel with hardware.

silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-2

Silicone phone case

silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-3

Silicone products

silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-4

Silicone toy

silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-5

Silicone and plastic bonding

silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-6

Silicone and silicone bonding

silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-7

Silicone sealed tube

product Performance


AppearanceColorless transparent semi-fluidBlack semi-fluid
Tack-free time (25℃,min)5~105~10
Tensile strength(MPa)≥1.0≥1.0
Shear strength(MPa)≥0.6≥0.6
Hardness (shore A)8~158~15
Dielectric constant(@60Hz)2.82.8
Dielectric strength(kV/mm)≥22≥22
Volume resistivity(Ω.cm)2.0×10152.0×1015

Product details

silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-8
Silicone rubber special adhesive
SD9091 silicone series is a kind of silicone adhesive which can be used to bond silicone with silicone.
silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-9
Eco-environmental protection
Neutral non-corrosive, odorless, non-pollution, anti-vibration, corona resistance, anti-leakage, no harmful substances.
silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-10
Translucent liquid
Excellent insulation, good adhesion, high strength, slow drying, excellent adhesion area softness after curing.
silicone rubber special adhesive SD9091-11
Metal hose packaging
Packing specification: 100g/tube, 310ml/cartridge

Use instructions


  • Clean the surface of objects which to be sticky or coated, remove rust, dust and oil.

  • First prick the rubber pipe with the cap tip, put the tip on, squeeze the glue into the cleaned surface, distribute it evenly, and fasten the adhesive surface together.

  • The coated parts are placed in air and solidified at room temperature for 24 hours.


  • 1.   After the operation is completed, the silicone sealant should tighten the cap immediately and seal and save.

  • 2.   When reusing, if there is a little skin seal, remove it. this will not affect the normal use.

Packaging and preservation


Packing specification: 100ml/pcs, 310ml/pcs or as required by customer.

Storage: stored in a cool and dry place for 12 months.

The above data are based on our extensive experiments and the results are reliable. However, due to the diversity of practical applications, the application conditions are not within our control, so users need to conduct tests before using to confirm whether this product is applicable or not. We do not warrant any problems arising from the use of our products under specified conditions and are not liable for any direct, indirect or accidental loss. If any problems in usage, you can contact our technical services department, we will do what we can to help you.

Company Features
1. Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd has taken up most of rtv silicone rubber market by virtue of its top quality and professional service. SANDAO introduces highly sophisticated technology to ensure the quality of One-component RTV silicone rubber TDS.
2. SANDAO New Material is very good at blending the techniques and experience into rtv silicone rubber .
3. Research on independent technology innovation technology will help SANDAO gain market dominance. We have a mutual goal for each SANDAO staff which is to serve each customers with our professional skills. Check now!
rtv silicone rubber The material is carefully selected, thick and thick, fine workmanship, high quality, both beautiful and practical, suitable for decorating smooth walls such as living room, bedroom, kitchen and study.
One-component RTV silicone rubber TDS adopts a fine polishing and grinding process, not only has a bright appearance, but also has the advantages of anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, non-fading, and non-discoloration.
rtv silicone Fine workmanship, smooth surface without burrs, comfortable to hold, easy to use, easy to clean and maintain, durable, and reliable in quality.
One-component RTV silicone rubber TDS Equipped with an automatic control system, it is easy to operate, safe and reliable in use, stable in quality, and reliable in quality. It is your ideal Chinese medicine equipment.
One-component RTV silicone rubber TDS It is made of high-quality materials and exquisite processing technology. It has the characteristics of good flexibility, high elasticity, and good safety. It is compact and thick in texture, high in quality, and durable.
The product features excellent color fastness. The coloring agents used in it are high quality which protects it from anything affecting its colorfastness. This product can keep beverages cold or hot up to 24 hours
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