Silicone adhesive series

Silicone adhesive series is Sandao main products with high performance-price ratio,Including One-component RTV silicone rubber,Two-component addition-type potting adhesive and Thermal conductive material,such as heat conductive grease/gel.

RTV silicone adhesive sealant with high strength, good thixotropic properties, neutral non-corrosion, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, solvent resistance, low shrinkage and no collapse, waterproof, oil proof, impact resistant.

Silicone rubber is suitable for bonding and sealing of refrigerators, microwave ovens, circuit boards, electronic components and machinery. can be applied to metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, etc.

Heat conductive grease has excellent thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance,  good electrical insulation, it is non-toxic, tasteless and insoluble.

silicone grease is widely used in CPU and radiator gap filling, high-power transistor, thyristor element, diode and substrate (aluminum, copper) converter, power module, oven, induction cooker, coffee pot gap filling, TV power amplifier tube and heat sink, Semiconductor refrigeration, etc.

Sandao Two-component flame-retardant heat-conductive potting adhesive is suitable for long-term protection of sensitive circuits or electronic components, with stable dielectric insulation, Excellent temperature resistance fully in accordance with the European Union ROHS.Potting compound is used for sealing and potting of LED Street Light driving Power supply, LED spot light Power supply Module, Electroplating Power supply, Power Rectifier, Transformer, Generator PCB, oven and other High heating and fire prevention products, as well as large Power Electronic components, Coating protection of electronic modules and circuit boards which with high requirements for heat resistance and heat dissipation.

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