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SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven

Model number
64g/ set
Main characteristic
transparent part A + dark brown B
Main application
high temperature resistant metal, ceramic etc.
Lead time
within a week after payment
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Product Information of SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven
Enterprise Strength
  • SANDAO New Material serves every customer with the standards of high efficiency, good quality, and rapid response.
Application Scope
SANDAO New Material's ms adhesive is widely used in the Manufacturing Chemicals Other Chemicals industry and is widely recognized by customers.In addition to providing high-quality products, SANDAO New Material also provides effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers.
Company Advantages
1. Superior materials have been used in SANDAO epoxy resin glue . They are required to pass the strength, anti-aging, and hardness tests which are demanded in the furniture industry.
2. The product is not prone to deform. The tempering process has eliminated the internal stress of work blank to prevent or reduce any deformation.
3. The product has great economic benefits and huge market potential, and has been widely used at home and abroad.
4. The product is available at competitive prices and is widely used in the market.

our product


SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-1
Electronic parts bonding potting adhesive SD868       

Metal & plastic adhesive AB glue SD868 is a two-component high-temperature resistant adhesive based on epoxy resin. It has advantage of high strength, weak acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, low smell, resistance to most chemical media, extreme temperature and excellent electrical insulation. Mainly suitable for high temperature resistant metal, ceramic, etc. 



  • ◪   Electronic parts bonding potting adhesive SD868 has the advantages of fast curing , wide application, high bonding strength, water resistance, oil resistance, fatigue resistance.

  • ◪   Excellent resistance to high and low temperature. It can work in the temperature range of 60-150 ℃.  



Sandao Metal & plastic adhesive AB glue SD868 is widely used in solid assembly of industrial components, such as sporting goods, solar, wind, composite materials, electronics, transportation and aerospace bonding reinforcement, adhesive synthesis, assembly, packaging, filling and sealing. It is especially suitable for bonding and packaging of electronic parts. There are many formulations to connect steel, aluminum, copper with low surface energy level plastics, glass, wood, masonry and other materials.

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-2

Ceramic bonding

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-3

Electric appliance

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-4

Glass bonding

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-5

Furniture bonding

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-6

Electroplating paint bonding

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-7

Motor component bonding

product Performance


Epoxy resin AB glueSD868  part ASD868  part B
Appearance /colortransparentdark brown
Viscosity (mPa.s 25℃)8000-1200010000-13000
Specific gravity (g/ml 25℃)1.0-1.051.0-1.05
Ratio(weight ratio pbw)101
Gel time under normal temperature(25℃)20g2-4h
Curing time   80℃30mins
Temperature range(℃)-60℃-150℃
Epoxide equivalent(g/eq)185/190/
Active hydrogen equivalentg/eq/185/195
Distortion temperature HDT80℃
Solume resistivity(Ω.cm)25℃1.0~1015 
Surface resistivity(Ω.cm)25℃0.9×1015  
Shear strength of different materials(Mpa)
Aluminum / copper16-19

Product details

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-8
Epoxy resin structural adhesive

SD868 is a high strength acrylate structural adhesive with a two component 10:1 system.

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-9
Yellow/blue liquid

It has fast bonding and firmness. hard and tough after curing. high bonding strength and impact resistance, and good resistant to aging and solvent.

SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-10
Green environmental protection
Low odor, no pollution, high strength, weakAcid and alkali resistance, impact resistance High bonding strength, water resistance Oil resistance and fatigue resistance.
SANDAO potting epoxy resin bulk production for oven-11
AB mixing tube
Very convenient to use, packaging specifications: specifications are 64g / support.

Use instructions


  • Put on AB glue gun and put on the thread mixing head.

  • The thickness of adhesive layer should be 0.05mm, the coated object should be clamped immediately, and the maximum bonding strength will be guaranteed by uniform contact pressure.

  • To obtain the highest mechanical strength, the surface of the material can be polished or sandblasted, and then the dust and oil stains on the surface can be scrubbed with a special solvent.

  • Adhesive should be put on both sides of the object and fix the splice in avoid of dislocation. Do not mix the lid of A and B to prevent contamination of the gum.


  • 1.   This product is slightly irritating, please wear gas mask and anticorrosion gloves when operating.

  • 2.   Cover at any time after each extraction, lest moisture absorption affect curing and performance.

  • 3.   Mass use of this product needs to be in a well-ventilated place.

Packaging and preservation


Epoxy resin AB sealant is packed with AB mixed pipe, 64g/ pcs, transported as non-dangerous goods, should be stored in a dry, shady place (below 5 ℃ ~ 26 ℃), the shelf life is within 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Company Features
1. The SANDAO brand is primarily focused on the production of epoxy resin .
2. Our epoxy ab glue is independently developed and reach the world's advanced level.
3. Our business philosophy: "To give the best service, make the best quality products". We will stand firm in the market by providing outstanding product quality. Our goal is to spare no efforts to provide the highest level of products. We are devoted to exploring and developing new worldwide opportunities and corporate with our clients. We are devoted to playing an active role in protecting the environment. We sincerely cooperate with the environmental organizations or groups to partake in activities such as lowing carbon footprint during production and minimizing energy consumption.

High epoxy resin properties



Product Features: The Glue F104 are two components epoxy adhesive, it has high bond 

strength,high shear strength and no liquid dropping, at the same time the product has

no peculiar smell, no adverse effects on the environment and the operator. Especially 

recommended for compositing aluminum honeycomb composite panels. 





Component A

Component B

Test method


milky white liquid

Buff transparent liquid

Visual inspection

Tensile Shear Strength


Mixing Viscosity


Viscosity meter

Mixing ratio



Work time/min


Viscosity meter

Curing time/


Curing instrument





Mixed Glue Appearance

Mixed Glue Appearance


Mixed Glue Viscosity



Pot Life 

30-40 minutes


Distortion Temperature

60-70 degree centigrade


Thermal Stability

80 degree centigrade


Flex Resistance

bending<150 degree


Shear Strength

18-20 KG per square centimeter


Shore Hardness



Elongation at Break



Peel Strength 








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