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SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws

SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws

Model number
white paste
1kg/ Can
Main characteristic
Thermal conductivity ≥ 0.8 (w/m·k), no curing
Main application
power heating element and radiator, especially high power LED heat dissipation or coating etc.
Lead time
within a week after payment
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Company Advantages
1. Such what is rtv silicone has been improved significantly over traditional rtv silicone rubber in terms of design and materials. Without any halogen, it is healthy and environmentally friendly
2. The product is lightweight and has relatively good thermal conductivity, which makes it suitable for the needs of most devices. Water absorption and coefficient of linear expansion of this product are small
3. rtv silicone rubber can be used in many occasions with good status. Long application period makes it suitable for large-volume automatic production line operations
4. Its comprehensive cost is much lower than that of common rtv silicone rubber . The product features good extrusion properties
5. rtv silicone rubber product is becoming increasing popular recently because of what is rtv silicone.

our product


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Economical heat conductive silicone grease SD3801
Economical heat conductive silicone grease SD3801 is one component with medium thermal conductivity, which is made from imported silicone as the main body, filling materials, thermal conductive materials and other polymer materials. It’s compound of organosiloxane and metal oxides which with good thermal conductivity and insulation. This grease has excellent thermal conductivity, no curing, no powdering, high temperature resistance, low adhesion pressure, oxidation resistance, no air drying hardening or melting, low thermal resistance, good electrical insulation, Wide operating temperature (-50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃), good stability, low consistency and good operation performance. The silicone grease is non-toxic, non-corrosive, tasteless, never curing and insoluble.



Heat conductive silicone grease is widely used to fill the gap between power heating element and radiator, especially high power LED heat dissipation or coating, to derive the heat produced by components. Such as CPU and radiator gap filling, high-power transistor, thyristor element, diode and substrate (aluminum, copper) converter, power module, oven, induction cooker, coffee pot gap filling, TV power amplifier tube and heat sink, Semiconductor refrigeration, etc. Reduce the working temperature of the heating element.

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Oven gap filling

SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws-3

Power module

SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws-4

High power triode

SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws-5

LED heat dissipation gap filling

SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws-6

Thyristor component

SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws-7

CPU gap filling

product Performance


Performance Test data
AppearanceWhite paste
Penetration degree(1/10mm,25℃)260~340
Specific gravity (g/cm3)2.8-3.2
Bleed (%。150℃,8h)≤3.0
Fugitive constituent(%。150℃,8h)≤2.0
 Break down strength(kv/mm)≥5.0
volume resistivity(Ω.cm)4×1014
Thermal conductivity(w/m·k)≥0.8

Product details

SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws-8
Economical heat conducting silicone grease
D3801 economical heat conduction silicone grease adopts imported organic silicon as the main body of single component organic silicon medium heat conduction silicone grease.
SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws-9
Eco-environmental protection
Non-toxic, non-corrosive, odorless, non drying, insolublilization, low consistency.
SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws-10
White paste
Excellent thermal conductivity, good electrical insulativity, wide operating temperature (operating temperature -50 ° C ~ +200 ° C), good stability.
SANDAO newly rtv silicone rubber producer for screws-11
Iron bottle packaging
packaging specifications: 1.0kg /can

Use instructions


  • Clean the surface, remove the greasy dirt, then extrude thermal conductive silicon grease directly.

  • The uniform coating should be applied to the surface. The coating can be brushed, scraped or rolled as needed.

  • If the user uses silicone oil to dilute, not only occur oil separation easily, but also make the thermal conductivity smaller. Therefore, we suggest customers choose their ideal models to ensure the using quality.


  •    The coating surface should be uniform, coating more isn’t mean the better, but in the premise of filling the surface gap, coating a thin layer is enough.

Packaging and preservation


Packing specification: 1.0kg/ can, negotiable to according to the user's needs.  

Storage: store in a cool and dry place for one year.

Note: The above data are based on our extensive experiments and the results are reliable. However, due to the diversity of practical applications, the application conditions are not within our control, so users need to conduct tests before using to confirm whether this product is applicable or not. We do not warrant any problems arising from the use of our products under specified conditions and are not liable for any direct, indirect or accidental loss. If any problems in usage, you can contact our technical services department, we will do what we can to help you.

Company Features
1. Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd improves quality of rtv silicone rubber by what is rtv silicone.
2. SANDAO intends to progress in exporting One-component RTV silicone rubber TDS. Contact us!
In order to be more attractive, our SANDAO has also established a team with professional design experience in what is rtv silicone industry for years. The product can be recognized as distinctly unique collectibles
The technical production standard of SANDAO what is rtv silicone far exceeds the market average. The product plays an important role in Christmas or Catholic activities
The manufacturing of SANDAO rtv silicone rubber is in line with customers' design requirements. It can be placed in the courtyards, balconies, small gardens, rooms, etc
rtv silicone rubber's performance is popularly accepted in the country and abroad. The product stands out for its beautiful craftsmanship and details
Innovative technology and superior materials are adopted in SANDAO rtv silicone rubber manufacturing. The product is available in a variety of sizes
This product has great strength. The materials used for has the strength to resist externally applied loads without breaking or yielding. The product can stand up times of cleaning and washing
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