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SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint

SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint

Model number
64g/ set
Main characteristic
transparent part A + dark brown B
Main application
high temperature resistant metal, ceramic etc.
Lead time
within a week after payment
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Company Advantages
1. SANDAO epoxy based adhesive is expert-crafted in a broad range of styles and finishes to handle today's toughest demands. Long application period makes it suitable for large-volume automatic production line operations
2. The price of this product is extremely competitive and can be used in a wider range of applications in the market. It has superior bonding properties to metals such as copper, aluminum and stainless steel
3. The product has good color retention. Made of special materials and treated with surface finish, it is not prone to yellowing. It is a very strong impregnation product
4. The product features wonderful leakage resistance. The seal faces are pushed together using a combination of hydraulic force from the sealed fluid and spring force which can enhance the airtightness. Its quality directly benefits the service life of the products that use it

our product


SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-1
Electronic parts bonding potting adhesive SD868       

Metal & plastic adhesive AB glue SD868 is a two-component high-temperature resistant adhesive based on epoxy resin. It has advantage of high strength, weak acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, low smell, resistance to most chemical media, extreme temperature and excellent electrical insulation. Mainly suitable for high temperature resistant metal, ceramic, etc. 



  • ◪   Electronic parts bonding potting adhesive SD868 has the advantages of fast curing , wide application, high bonding strength, water resistance, oil resistance, fatigue resistance.

  • ◪   Excellent resistance to high and low temperature. It can work in the temperature range of 60-150 ℃.  



Sandao Metal & plastic adhesive AB glue SD868 is widely used in solid assembly of industrial components, such as sporting goods, solar, wind, composite materials, electronics, transportation and aerospace bonding reinforcement, adhesive synthesis, assembly, packaging, filling and sealing. It is especially suitable for bonding and packaging of electronic parts. There are many formulations to connect steel, aluminum, copper with low surface energy level plastics, glass, wood, masonry and other materials.

SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-2

Ceramic bonding

SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-3

Electric appliance

SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-4

Glass bonding

SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-5

Furniture bonding

SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-6

Electroplating paint bonding

SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-7

Motor component bonding

product Performance


Epoxy resin AB glueSD868  part ASD868  part B
Appearance /colortransparentdark brown
Viscosity (mPa.s 25℃)8000-1200010000-13000
Specific gravity (g/ml 25℃)1.0-1.051.0-1.05
Ratio(weight ratio pbw)101
Gel time under normal temperature(25℃)20g2-4h
Curing time   80℃30mins
Temperature range(℃)-60℃-150℃
Epoxide equivalent(g/eq)185/190/
Active hydrogen equivalentg/eq/185/195
Distortion temperature HDT80℃
Solume resistivity(Ω.cm)25℃1.0~1015 
Surface resistivity(Ω.cm)25℃0.9×1015  
Shear strength of different materials(Mpa)
Aluminum / copper16-19

Product details

SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-8
Epoxy resin structural adhesive

SD868 is a high strength acrylate structural adhesive with a two component 10:1 system.

SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-9
Yellow/blue liquid

It has fast bonding and firmness. hard and tough after curing. high bonding strength and impact resistance, and good resistant to aging and solvent.

SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-10
Green environmental protection
Low odor, no pollution, high strength, weakAcid and alkali resistance, impact resistance High bonding strength, water resistance Oil resistance and fatigue resistance.
SANDAO high-quality Epoxy resin adhesive series for baking paint-11
AB mixing tube
Very convenient to use, packaging specifications: specifications are 64g / support.

Use instructions


  • Put on AB glue gun and put on the thread mixing head.

  • The thickness of adhesive layer should be 0.05mm, the coated object should be clamped immediately, and the maximum bonding strength will be guaranteed by uniform contact pressure.

  • To obtain the highest mechanical strength, the surface of the material can be polished or sandblasted, and then the dust and oil stains on the surface can be scrubbed with a special solvent.

  • Adhesive should be put on both sides of the object and fix the splice in avoid of dislocation. Do not mix the lid of A and B to prevent contamination of the gum.


  • 1.   This product is slightly irritating, please wear gas mask and anticorrosion gloves when operating.

  • 2.   Cover at any time after each extraction, lest moisture absorption affect curing and performance.

  • 3.   Mass use of this product needs to be in a well-ventilated place.

Packaging and preservation


Epoxy resin AB sealant is packed with AB mixed pipe, 64g/ pcs, transported as non-dangerous goods, should be stored in a dry, shady place (below 5 ℃ ~ 26 ℃), the shelf life is within 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Company Features
1. Focused on product design and manufacture, Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd is one of leading providers of epoxy based adhesive in China. We have accumulated the experience and expertise to ensure production reliability. The standard nature of these processes permits us to fabricate resin adhesive.
2. We adopt world-advanced technology when manufacturing Epoxy resin adhesive series .
3. Our advanced machine is able to fabricate such clear epoxy glue with features of [拓展关键词/特点]. SANDAO effectively strengthens the social responsibility and firmly establishes the service awareness. Inquire online!
SANDAO Epoxy resin adhesive series is constructed strictly according to both domestic and international safety standards. It has passed certificates including UL, SAA, FCC, BSI, and so on.
SANDAO Epoxy resin adhesive series from our company has a good design. It is made by our professional designers using the finest materials and finishes.
The design of SANDAO clear epoxy glue is strictly conducted. It mainly covers the mechanical structure, spindles, and drive system, control and inspection systems, etc.
We have the entire supply chain of SANDAO epoxy based adhesive certified, starting from the farming of the fiber, through production, processing, and packaging, to distribution.
SANDAO clear epoxy glue has been strictly evaluated. The assessments include finite element stress analysis of all components, fatigue analysis, load increase analysis, etc.
The product features good heat dissipation. Its powerful cooling system helps maintain the proper temperature of mechanical parts and components for better operation.
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