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SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling

SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling

Model number
milky part A + Black part B
64g/ set
Main characteristic
curing time is 1h
Main application
bonding metals, plastics, rubber, glass etc.
Lead time
within a week after payment
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Product Details
With the pursuit of excellence, SANDAO New Material is committed to showing you unique craftsmanship in details.SANDAO New Material insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture ms adhesive. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.
Company Advantages
1. SANDAO best epoxy glue is professionally designed. It is completed by our designers with an understanding of required and operating parameters (e.g., temperature, pressure, continuity, voltage, and amperage, etc).
2. Due to our strict quality control system, the quality of our products is guaranteed.
3. The product is strictly checked by the quality inspection department. From the raw material to the shipment process, the defective product is not allowed to enter the market.
4. The reason people like to use this product is that it is easy to use. It has no cumbersome use and provides convenience to people.

our product


SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-1
Sandao High temperature resistant epoxy resin AB adhesive SD829
Sandao High temperature resistant epoxy resin AB adhesive SD829 is a two component high temperature resistant adhesive based on epoxy resin. It has high shear peeling strength, good toughness, waterproofing, corrosion resistance ,weak acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, low smell, resistance to most chemical media, Extreme temperature and excellent electrical insulation. Self-leveling, suitable for filling, bonding and sealing.



Sandao high temperature resistant epoxy resin AB adhesive SD829 is used for bonding metals, plastics, rubber, glass, electroplating / baking paint / magnetic materials, such as for aircraft, motor, etc.

SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-2

Electroplating paint bonding

SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-3

Glass bonding

SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-4

Motor parts bonding

SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-5

Metal bonding

SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-6

Plastic bonding

SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-7

Rubber bonding

SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-8

Rubber bonding

product Performance


Epoxy resin AB glueSD829  part ASD829  Part B
Appearance /colormilkyblack
Viscosity (mPa.s 25℃)26000-2800026000-28000
Specific gravity (g/ml 25℃)1.6-1.91.6-1.9
Ratio(weight ratio pbw)11
Gel time under normal temperature(25℃)20g1h
Curing condition   80℃30 mins
Temperature range(℃)-30℃-180℃
Epoxide equivalent(g/eq)185/190/
Active hydrogen equivalentg/eq/185/195
Distortion temperature HDT80℃
Distortion temperature HDT5.0~1015 
Surface resistivity(Ω.cm)25℃4.0×1015
Shear strength of different materials(Mpa)
Aluminum / copper17-20

Product details

SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-9
High temperature epoxy resin AB glue
SD829 high temperature resistant epoxy resin AB glue is an epoxy resin based two component high temperature adhesive.
SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-10
Milky /black
It's high shear strength, good toughness, waterproof, non-corrosive and other weak acid and alkali resistance, extreme temperature and excellent electrical insulativity properties.
SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-11
Eco-environmental protection
Odorless, non-pollution, anti-shock, resistant to most chemical media.
SANDAO drying epoxy adhesive bulk production for coffee pot gap filling-12
AB mixing tube
packaging specifications: 64g /tube.

Use instructions



  • 1.   AB glue is slightly irritating, please wear gas mask and anticorrosion gloves when operating.

  • 2.   Cover at any time after each extraction, lest moisture absorption affect curing and performance.

  • 3.   Mass use of this product needs to be in a well-ventilated place.

Packaging and preservation


AB glue is packed with AB mixed pipe, 64g/ pcs, transported as non-dangerous goods. It should be stored in a dry, shady place (below 5 ℃ ~ 26 ℃), the shelf life is within 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Company Features
1. The reputation of SANDAO now has been expanding with the popularity of epoxy adhesive .
2. Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd includes a group of 2 part epoxy adhesive designers and technicians.
3. Our aim is to expand our global business. We will grasp the market opportunities and adapt flexibly to market trends and customers' purchasing tendency so as to enlarge marketing channels. We value sustainability. Therefore, we will adopt sustainable approaches and be responsible for increasing the positive impacts of our production and products. We are aware of the importance of sustainable development. We will practice our environmental protection by using science and technology. For example, we reduce the negative environmental impact by introducing a series of eco-friendly facilities. Our current mission is to seek the opportunity to specialize in different areas to serve the market, and this will open up avenues for a new line of service or products.

HBC-2830 Epoxy potting resin

I. The features and typical using:




2830 Typical

Used in the potting sealing  for the general electronic components and protecting sealing for the circuit boards At room temperature.

In the normal atmospheric temperature it can be solidified, and when solidifying, the exthothermal  temperature is low. the shrinking rate is low. the solidified surface is bright, no cracking, moisture-proof, water-resistant insulation, no corrosion-resistant chemicals.


II. Using methods:



proportion of mixture(weight ratio)

10:2.5 That is 4:1

Using time

(100g,hr ,25 C)


Solidified condition

Under 25 C, within
6 to 8 hours will start to solid, fully cured within 24 to 48 hours


1, Matches the rubber: grouping the Liquid cement component after full agitation in the original package, according to the proportion of mixture, divide into group A and group B.  (according to mixture ratio refer to table), after agitation even, and then carries on sealing. After mixing, and then make using the rubber, details, please see above table. After surpassing the using time, the liquid cement viscosity will be very high, no longer suitable for infusion. should not be too much of, otherwise they will be wastage


2,Curing: please See curing conditions on the table. Relate to the Curing speed and temperature. Higher temperature, faster curing. In the winter, with the low  temperatures, the curing time will be extended. all kinds of rubber can be used curing temperature, under 60 C can be curing in two to three hours. After the glue hardens, then can be assembly, testing generally require the curing time within 24 to 48 hours.


III. Fore-and-aft solidification technical parameter

Testing item


Fore solidifying


visual estimation

liquid cement A

Black viscous fluid

Glue B

Brown viscous fluid



Glue A


Glue B


Viscosity cps


adhesive solution A



adhesive solution B








Aft solidifying



Volume Resistance (Ω.cm )


breakdown voltage (kV/mm 25s


dielectric constant (1.2MHz 25℃)


dielectric dissipation factor (1.2MHz


Dimensional shrinkage constraint (%)


shear strength(Fe-Fe,MPa)


Temperature (℃)

-60--- 150

thermal conductivity

[W/m.k  25℃ ]



IV. Notices

1.pre-use, Part A the compound materials must certainly be stirred evenly in the original package (because of long-term precipitation, it may have deposition, stirring even then can be used, does not affect performance)

2.As the temperature changes in different seasons the products have different curing rate. This situation is normal. In winter, temperature is low, and curing will be getting slower. These Above glues can be used with heating curing methods.

3.Some glues, group A and group B possibly presents the crystallization and agglomeration under the low temperature condition. this is normal; Before using, you can put in 80℃ in the drying oven to cause its melting, is you want to use, you could put in the room temperature and then use. this does not affect its each performance.


V. Packaging specification:


25Kg/set ,6.5 Kg/set Pack in Drums

VI. Color: white, black.

VII. Storing and transportation:

1.Each product's storage time is 1 year 

2.This kind of product is the non-dangerous material, can be delivered according to the non-dangerous material in the transportation



1) Suitable for adhesive, PVC film, plastic, glass, metal trademark surface glue and the surface of phone case.

2) Especially suitable for the epoxy of magnetic stick, mobile post, tattoo paste, wine mark.

3) Applied for electronic components such as LED perforation lamp, crystal handicraft’s transparent packaging.

AB glue use for pendant 

AB glue use for sticky 

AB glue use for logo

In order to be more attractive, our SANDAO has also established a team with professional design experience in epoxy adhesive industry for years. Free of toxic elements, the product does no harm to the human body
The technical production standard of SANDAO best epoxy glue far exceeds the market average. The product stands out for its beautiful craftsmanship and details
The manufacturing of SANDAO best epoxy glue is in line with customers' design requirements. The product plays an important role in Christmas or Catholic activities
best epoxy glue's performance is popularly accepted in the country and abroad. The product features a perfect and fine face and shape
Innovative technology and superior materials are adopted in SANDAO best epoxy glue manufacturing.
This product has great strength. The materials used for has the strength to resist externally applied loads without breaking or yielding. It is mixed with stone powder materials, which can last for a long time
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