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SANDAO comfortable epoxy resin free quote for induction cooker

SANDAO comfortable epoxy resin free quote for induction cooker

Model number
64g/ set
Main characteristic
curing time is 5mins. Ratio is 10:1
Main application
metal, hard plastics, composite materials, glass, etc.
Lead time
within a week after payment
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Product Details
Want to know more product information? We will provide you with detailed pictures and detailed content of ms adhesive in the following section for your reference.SANDAO New Material has the ability to meet different needs. ms adhesive is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.
Company Advantages
1. In the manufacturing process of SANDAO epoxy resin , every production stage is under strict control to prevent issues such as too many sluggish components or parts, high rework rate, and defective percentage.
2. The quality inspection of the product is carried out by the QC team. The inspection is not only in line with international standards but meets the requirements of the customers.
3. Strict and perfect quality control system, to ensure that products with the best quality and performance production.
4. This product is thick enough to provide comfort or padding, which helps distribute the weight of feet and lowers the pressure as wearers step.
5. This product plays an important role in the professional life of space designers. They use it as the main tool to give different looks to different spaces.

our product


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Epoxy resin structural adhesive SD823
Epoxy resin structural adhesive SD823 is a kind of high strength acrylate structural adhesive, two-component 10:1, medium viscosity, fast curing (25 ℃, 5min), fast bonding and fixing, hard and toughness after curing, high adhesion strength and impact resistance. Anti-aging, good solvent resistance.


  • ◪   High strength, high performance, elastic, instantaneous, two components, safety and environmental protection



suitable for fast fastening and bonding of metal, hard plastics, composite materials, glass, etc., especially for mobile phone and notebook shell, screen and keyboard frame, suitable for high speed production line in electronic factory.

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Glass bonding

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Hard plastic bonding

SANDAO comfortable epoxy resin free quote for induction cooker-4

Phone case bonding

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Composite bonding

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Metal bonding

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Notebook case bonding

product Performance


1.Before curing
performanceComponent AComponent B
specific gravity(25℃)1.051.14
Viscosity (25℃ m pa. s )85000-10000035000-50000
2.mixed characteristic
Applicable time (mins)4 
3.After Curing characteristic
shear strength(N/mm.2)PC/Aluminum magnesium10.02
shear strength(N/mm.2)PC/PC6.71
Split / elongation % 150
Hardness(shore- D) 68
Working temperature(℃)-50-130

Remind:The above performance data are typical data measured in the temperature of 25 ℃, humidity of 70% of the laboratory environment, only for reference, we cannot guarantee all the data can achieve under a specific environment. Customers are kindly requested to use actual measure data in using.

Product details

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Epoxy resin structural adhesive
SD823 is a high strength acrylate structural adhesive with a two component 10:1 system.
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Eco-environmental protection
odorless, non-pollution, safety and environmental protection, medium viscosity, fast curing .
SANDAO comfortable epoxy resin free quote for induction cooker-10
Yellow/blue liquid
It has fast bonding and firmness. hard and tough after curing. high bonding strength and impact resistance, and good resistant to aging and solvent.
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AB mixing tube
packaging specifications: 64g /tube

Use instructions


  • Put on AB glue gun and put on the thread mixing head.

  • The thickness of adhesive layer should be 0.05mm, the coated object should be clamped immediately, and the maximum bonding strength will be guaranteed by uniform contact pressure.

  • To obtain the highest mechanical strength, the surface of the material can be polished or sandblasted, and then the dust and oil stains on the surface can be scrubbed with a special solvent.

  • Adhesive should be put on both sides of the object and fix the splice in avoid of dislocation. Do not mix the lid of A and B to prevent contamination of the gum.


  • 1.   AB adhesive is slightly irritating, please wear gas mask and anticorrosion gloves when operating.

  • 2.   Cover at any time after each extraction, lest moisture absorption affect curing and performance.

  • 3.   Mass use of this product needs to be in a well-ventilated place.

Packaging and preservation


AB glue is packed with AB mixed pipe, 64g/ pcs, transported as non-dangerous goods, should be stored in a dry, shady place (below 5 ℃ ~ 26 ℃), the shelf life is within 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Company Features
1. Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd excels in supplying epoxy resin adhesive , and it is now developing into a front runner in this industry.
2. The factory is located in an advantageous position. This position can be regarded as an important transport hub which is close to the port. This location allows the factory to transport, delivery, and store merchandise more easily.
3. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best and only the best. Our passion for our brand and making it visible are the reasons why our customers trust us. Please contact us! The customer satisfaction rate is what we strive to improve. We will conduct a continuous upgrade of products and services through innovative and newest technologies and develop differentiated products to them. We will guarantee that all of our business activities comply with legal stipulations, especially the production sector. We will carry out an environmental risk assessment to make sure the negative effects on the environment are controlled to the low range. Our company bears social responsibility. We work with local energy providers that use green energy sources to generate power that is free of carbon emissions and other GHG.



Senior Member of Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce


 R&D Manufacturer




Characteristics before hardening










Black thick liquid

Brown Liquid

White thick liquid

Colorless transparent liquid

Viscosity, mPa.s(25°C)





Proportion , g/cm3(25°C)





Mixture/mass ratio,


Viscosity after mixing, mPa.s (25°C)


Weight after mixing, g/cm2(25°C)


Operation time after mixing, hour(25°C)


Gel time

25°C/5hrs or 80°C/25mins

Curing time

25°C/24hrs or 80°C/60mins

Hardness, Shore D


Waterabsorption 24h,25°C,%


Dielectric strength, KV/mm,25°C


Flame resistance, UL 94



Temperature range , °C



Volume resistance DC500V, Ω·cm


















































E4202A/B is solvent-type room temperature curing epoxy glue adhesive




1. Good toughness, high hardness clear epoxy resin

2. Excellent adhesion, anti-cracking resistance

3. Excellent electrical insulating properties, stability

4. Good waterproof, moisture resistance, very low water absorption

5. Good temperature resistance, resistance temperature of 150 °C in 1 hr short time




For sealing and protection of power capacitors, filters, sensors, automotive electronics and optoelectronic LED










1. Stirring A component evenly before using it .


2. Weighed in a 5:1 ratio A, B two components, stir well stay with after vacuum deaeration to use within 60 minutes run out.


3. Good potting devices ,if necessary, continue to pumping vacuum, help to increase the electrical performance of the device.


4. Curing conditions: 25 ° C for 24hrs at room temperature ; or let stand for surface bubbles after heating 65 °C × 0.5hr.


5. Note: adhesive start the reaction after adhesive preparation , accompanied by heat release. With the greater amount of glue, the greater the heat release, the shorter operating time, required in a shorter period of time you are finished using


6.The above tests are measured under 100 g with adhesive




SANDAO epoxy resin adhesive has to go through a broad array of evaluation. It is assessed to meet local and international standards for electrical safety, sanitation, EMC, energy efficiency, and more. Its color is bright and fashionable and is not easy to fade
Before delivery, SANDAO epoxy resin adhesive has to go through final random inspections. This aims to ensure that it is consistent and compliant with different countries' certifications such as CE, EU, CCC, and BEAB. It is tough enough and is not easy to break
SANDAO epoxy resin adhesive is based on sound design/engineering principles. There are careful considerations such as surrounding climate, maintenance program, and control systems. The production is guaranteed by 12 sets of advanced automated equipment
SANDAO epoxy resin is innovatively designed. It is carried out by our designers who know how to minimize susceptibility and radiation of the electric appliances. It can be design-customized quickly within 2 hours
SANDAO epoxy resin adhesive is manufactured sophisticatedly. It has to be processed under high temperature and pressure, acid-base and salt spray treatment to check its withstanding capacity. Its material is safe and is friendly to the environment
The product does not have bad selvages. The mature sewing and stitching techniques are adopted to finish and trim the fabric ends. It is available in different colors and can be color-customized
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