saab 900 se turbo water pump replacement: 10 steps

by:SANDAO     2020-03-10
My new Saab 900 SE Turbo is a beautiful journey.
One day I \"passed\" a lady on a surface street and I heard a pop.
I didn\'t lose any strength, so I didn\'t worry too much either.
When I was driving, there was a slight rattle that gradually got worse.
So I took it home and opened the hood.
Nothing is visible to the naked eye.
I put a torque wrench extension rod on my ear and I checked the power steering pump and valve cover but the noise source is not.
The noise got so loud I had to drive the car to my mechanic who told me it was the pump, \"Don\'t drive more than you need, because it\'s hard to go out and find you. \".
It takes 30 minutes to get home from the mechanic because of the cost there
$508 tax, I\'m going to do it myself.
I stopped at about half of the mall.
I started the car again and there was a problem.
A loud noise and a warning.
My idiot light told me there was a problem with the battery.
I opened the hood, the snake belt did not move, and the pump pully tilted at an unnatural angle. Bad news.
I decided to try my luck and finish the rest of the road.
There is no AC generator, no power steering, no heat, and most importantly, no coolant.
Two minutes from the house, there was a huge boom under the hood and a mass of antifreeze behind me.
I finally got home and opened the hood and let the engine cool down.
Very close phone.
Water pumpSerpentine BeltTorque wrench10 sleeve/wrench13 sleeve/plum wrenchT30 wrench30/month \"barbar5 6mm inner hex wrenchFlathead and cross screwdriversSilicone grease or VaselineTo remove air filter box, you loosen the three screws that hold the gas tank in the engine compartment.
Then, disconnect the large turbine air inlet hose from the turbine downpipe and disconnect the bypass hose from the turbine air inlet hose.
Find a place for a wedge bypass hose so it won\'t get in the way of you later.
Because it will.
** Very important ** put a rag in the downpipe at the turbine inlet.
You don\'t want anything to fall into your turbine.
To remove the snake-like belt, the tension wheel must be pulled up manually and locked in place.
This is relaxing. s-
Belt and allows you to remove the belt and pulley.
Even though my s-
The belt is not damaged and I will replace it for the sake of safety.
To pull the tension wheel up, you need a 1/2 Drive extension rod and a 5mm Allen wrench.
Insert the extension rod into the square slot on the tension wheel and pull it to you.
Slide the Allen wrench through two holes and lock the tension in place.
The power steering pump is the highest pump on the passenger side of the engine.
The pump is fixed on the engine with three hex bolts.
Once you take it down, rotate and push it to the side.
I put it on top of the turbine downpipe.
Remove the hose from the pump.
If you haven\'t opened the radiator drain valve, do it now, otherwise you\'ll have a large puddle of toxic antifreeze on the floor.
On the other side of the pump, there is a bolt that holds one of the two coolant return pipes of the engine.
Untie it and pull the tube out.
You may need to remove the next Bolt before pulling the pipe out of the pump. There is an o-
Ring at the end of the pipe that needs to be replaced.
On the drive side of the engine, there is another bolt to fix the coolant pipe using two metal cards.
You need to disconnect the booster pressure control valve (BCV)
From the front of the engine compartment.
Connected by two T30 bolts.
Now we have the pump removed.
It is fixed on the engine with 3 hex bolts.
Beat the pump out and leave a sleeve behind. It has two o-
Ring for sealing pump/engine interface.
They need to be replaced.
Be careful to pull the sleeves out.
It is soft aluminum and can be broken.
This happens when the pump is broken.
I was lucky because the pulley was only slightly chiseled.
I heard that the pulley cut off the regular cover and caused the oil to leak.
Remove the old pump from the old housing and pair the shiny new pump with the old housing.
Using washers, seal everything with silicone grease or acid-free Vaseline. Goop up the o-
Ring on sleeve and coolant tube.
Put everything back together in reverse order and you\'re done.
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