potting compound for electronics exporters in China
Most potting compound makers are accredited for exports. Additionally, there are exporters for such products. To partner with the manufacturers or trading companies is based on the requirements. They both have benefits. Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd, which has rich knowhow on export industry and has exported products to many countries and regions, is this exporter.

SANDAO New Material has been engaged in the production of UV glue since its establishment. Various in styles, SANDAO New Material's Thread locker sealants can meet the needs of different customers. Eco-friendly materials are used in the producing of SANDAO epoxy based adhesive. During its solidification process, the powder components do not delaminate. The product has a long service life. Its fully shielded design helps to avoid leakage problems and thus better protects its components from damage. It does not cause any corrosion to the material.

Enterprise culture is very important in SANDAO New Material and we highly value it. Get price!
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