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by:SANDAO     2020-05-31
Cremation jewelry consists of a pendant, ring, bracelet, or other type of accessory that has been crafted with a hollow interior. Depending on the jewelry urn chosen and the material from which it has been made and the keepsake will hold approximately a pinch of the chosen remembrance. This tribute is then sealed inside the cremation jewelry by adding a drop of epoxy or adhesive to the threads of the stopper before twisting to close. Memorial jewelry is a versatile choice for consumers looking to create a personal memory in honor of their loved one that has died due in large part to the variety of materials at their disposal. Sterling silver, gold vermeil and 14 karat gold are a sampling of the metals that urn pendants are crafted from in addition to glass, crystal and wood. Adding engraved text to the surface of the remembrance keepsake gives families the option of customizing their selection if they choose any. Families and friends can select cremation jewelry as a personal and customized reflection of their love and devotion to their deceased one. Pendants, ring, bracelets and even key chains can be filled with a chosen tribute such as ground or cremated ashes from the burial site and sealed inside the keepsake. The wide assortment of materials and personalization options gives family members the versatility to create a remembrance that is individual and unique. There are designs for every animal imaginable that includes dog bones for dogs, cat medallions for kitties, bird pendants, and horse pendants and so on. They can be personalized with the name of the pet on them. Some pet owners put ashes in the pendants and some put fur clips. That way, they can keep a part of their little companions with them always. Jewelry keepsakes have a terrific selection of pet urn pendants that were created to help remember all the pets that we hold dear. Their line of keepsakes includes pendants that will honor dogs, cats, horses and even birds and several of these urn pendants can be engraved with you are animals name or a nickname or important dates. Jewelry keepsakes include your choice of black satin cording or sterling silver or gold filled chain with every pet cremation jewelry purchase and they typically ship their products within twenty four hours of receiving your order. Jewelry keepsakes offers expedited shipping if it is needed and you can receive your keepsake in as little as one to two business days for a very small fee. Remembering that constant companion is an important part of life. Pet cremation jewelry has a personal and beautiful collection of pet cremation keepsakes that will definitely touch your heart.
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