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by:SANDAO     2020-06-02
Dentures, almost exclusively, are custom made to fit the unique contours of every individual's jaw, palate and gum structure. No single denture in the world is exactly the same, as no two individual mouths could possibly be identical. Over-the-counter dental adhesive creams, or bonding pastes, are exactly the opposite. With the exception of some small ingredient modification or cosmetic changes that make one cream 'minty fresh', another 'extra strong' and a third 'all natural', all mass produced denture creams are the same; they all use zinc oxide as a component of their adhesive compound. Even the most expertly fit denture devices eventually lose the precise custom fit they start out with in the molding lab. When dentures become loose due to small changes with the unique structure of the denture wearer's jaw, upper or lower palate, or gums, dentures begin accepting food particles between the denture and gum. Every day, after every meal, the easiest fix is to re-apply denture cream after the consumption of food or drink. Simply put, dentures that have lost their original fit require using extra amounts of adhesive cream to retain a proper and secure fit. Several lawsuits, including class action lawsuits, have been filed against the two most popular denture cream manufacturers: GlaxoSmithKlein and Procter & Gamble by consumers who, based on their symptoms, might be suffering from zinc poisoning due to using too much denture adhesive products with zinc. Internet searches and law firm Web sites show that there's no shortage of such denture cream lawsuits. The problem is big and as more and more of the nations millions of denture wearers become aware of the potentially harmful risks of denture cream containing zinc the number of individuals seeking to be involved in a denture adhesive lawsuit on behalf of themselves or someone they love will expand. Can you help me find out if my current health problems could be connected to the way I have been using Poligrip for the past 10 years? I have blood & urine results from my lab tests. What do I do now that I have tested positive for elevated zinc levels? Should I consider an individual lawsuit or a class -action lawsuit? I hear from friends that both are options Have there been important settlements or judgments in any denture cream adhesive cases? Are cases ever dismissed for lack of proof? When did people start to realize the harmful connection between their health issues and their denture use? Why wasn't I warned sooner?
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