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by:SANDAO     2020-06-16
However, the cost of waterproof cameras, regardless of whether it is digital or manual in nature, entails too much money. The high cost of waterproof cameras (in whatever form) compelled modern-day bright minds to come up with something that would address concerns of people who would want to get a glimpse of the underwater but can't seem to afford buying themselves cameras designed to take photos or videos beneath the water surface. With the price of digital underwater cameras keep shooting up alongside with new features, which includes higher color definition and size resolution, there is just no way that a typical American family would be able to get one especially at a time when the economy of the entire United States remains sluggish. Watertight Cases A weeklong family beach break is something that is worth documenting using our cameras. Photo shoots along the beach, at the gazebo, or at the cottage with the entire family would be delightful and fun. But wouldn't it be much better if we also get to shoot photos or videos of the family while underneath the water surface --- exploring reefs and shoals in search of the colorful aquamarine species. How would we be able to do just that with conventional cameras? An innovation called as watertight camera case was introduced in the US market. When it was first launched, manufacturers of this 'great idea' said that their new gadget would protect the cameras from getting wet even under the surface as they boasted of features designed to keep water from sneaking into the ultra-sensitive internal system of the cameras. In its early stages in the US market, everything seemed okay but not for long as people start complaining and expressing doubt on the veracity of its features. According to some, who posted comments on the net said that watertight cases are 'not tight after all'. There are also posts claiming that the quality of watertight cases is poor. The Condom Magic Another fresh idea came afloat as to how to transform your conventional cameras into an instant underwater moment capturer, without really spending so much on the expensive watertight cases, whose quality and reliability remains a suspect. Try using un-lubricated condoms in sealing your cameras. The task isn't really that complicated. In fact, you can seal your cameras yourself --- in just a matter of five minutes. In sealing your cameras for an underwater adventure, you would need three condoms, a pair of scissors, desiccant packet, paper towel roll and 'krazy' glue. The first thing you should do is to cut the paper towel roll a little longer than the lens. Place the re-sized roll at the lens. Place the camera inside an outstretched condom along with the desiccant packet and manually seal it. Get another condom and place inside it the sealed camera then seal it again. Do it, one more time with the third condom before you finally do the final sealing procedure using the glue. It's done. Diving enthusiasts, aquamarine scientists and researchers or people simply in search of new adventures can now use conventional camera underwater.
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