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by:SANDAO     2020-05-23
In the crowns procedure, the dentist will remove those parts of the tooth which have decayed. In order to accommodate the crown, the dentist may remove some healthy parts of the tooth structure too. Impressions that are taken of the teeth are used when making the crowns. These are custom-fitted to the teeth of the patient so that the crowned tooth matches with the other healthy teeth. Till the crowns return from the lab, the dentist may fit a temporary crown to offer protection till the permanent set is ready for fitting. This temporary crown maybe made using stainless or acrylic steel. Once the patient has given the impression during the first appointment, most Healdsburg dentists would get the permanent set ready within three weeks. During the second appointment, the temporary ones are replaced with the permanent crowns. The bonding is done with an adhesive. The crown will be consistently buffed and polished till it is a perfect fit with the patient's bite. Based on the patient's goals, different procedure may be used by the dentist. In some cases, a dental bridge may be anchored with the use of a crown. On other occasions, the teeth on the sides of the bridge may require some cleaning and alteration before they can be accommodated. In the event that the teeth of the patient has suffered from severe decay, the dentist may need to have some x-rays taken to decide on whether a root canal has to be done prior to the placement of the crowns. Hence, it is unlikely that any dentist can explain what a standard crown procedure can be like. It is always wise to discuss your decision to have crowns with your family and friends. This will prompt some recommendations and recollection of experiences with various Healdsburg dentists which will be invaluable when making your final choice.
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