Is uv adhesive for glass tested before shipment?
The quality review on UV adhesive is completed based on regular QC evaluation or depending upon customer requirements. Samples are chosen and inspected for flaws randomly, according to those criteria and processes. For all those, Pre-Shipment Inspection is a significant measure in the quality management procedure and is the procedure for assessing the quality of UV adhesive until they're sent.

Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the production of advanced Two-component epoxy structure bonding. Various in styles, SANDAO New Material's One-component RTV silicone rubber TDS can meet the needs of different customers. Some of SANDAO uv adhesive has come up to advanced and world-class production standards. It has a wide range of properties that include chemical resistance. This product has good anti-static property. The fabric is carefully treated with antistatic finishing agent to eliminate any electrostatic discharge. It is an indispensable important insulating material for the electronics industry.

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