Interlining is a woven fabric, knitted fabric

by:SANDAO     2020-05-27
Which part of use of apparel interlining it? More or less have to use the hair interlining of a garment, but the different types of clothes hair interlining the number of different parts and large the same in different clothing styles, with a hair interlining are also different. The main site with a hair interlining are: clothes before the film, within the welt, collar, split head, after the film, bag, bag cover, belt, lead, placket, cuffs, welt, sleeve Long, only I, Hem fork mouth, panties and other sleeve. Black carbon hair interlining of the specific use for that? Black carbon hair interlining of the last century by India's successor, the Indians darker skin, put the name of this black carbon hair interlining , and black carbon in fact nothing to do. The black carbon lining in the West as wool hair interlining, this is because black carbon lining is cotton or wool yarn as the warp yarn, animal fiber or yarn as weft, woven into the fabric through, and then processed by special order. Use of animal hair black carbon lining, elastic than normal hair interlining, and the price is also more expensive, mainly used in high-end men's suits, women wear and uniform appearance requirements of the higher class of upload. In particular, the predecessor of male plastic suits, all wool suits hair interlining of the combination of applications has a decisive role in the overall style. Wool lining to suit entirely handmade, all use high-quality wool lining, the cost is far higher than ordinary suits, elegant, expensive. Black carbon lining, interlining fusible interlining, etc. the price is like? Lining in accordance with gross amount of black carbon (including the cauda equina) different prices from 10 yuan per meter -20 yuan (150cm width), or even higher. Interlining cheaper, have spun more than 10 yuan per meter (122cm width) belongs to the more expensive. Women with a mostly non-woven lining, and the price lower, around 2-3 dollars per meter. The fourth generation of interlining - Interlining strengths? Interlining Interlining appearance in the history of a milestone, its advantages are very clear: First, sewing reasonable effort. Interlining surface with a sol, and the fabric after heat and pressure bonded together, such as to shorten the stick on behalf of the sewing process to enhance efficiency; followed by the beautiful appearance. Interlining and fabric After bonding, enhanced fabric dimensional stability and flexibility, improve the feel, the appearance of benefit reflects the beautiful clothes. Finally, to prevent wear deformation. Interlining fabric of activities to control within reasonable limits, to prevent the fabric stretch and strengthen the fabric shrinkage, to prevent the fabric loose, remove provincial nest-shaped tip to improve the open wire shrinkage, to prevent deformation due to wear and washing while. We also pay attention to the details of dress suits. Enhance the man's charm, this task is both ancient and modern, now, men dress is no longer a rare topic, it has become a social concern of topics. Shape can be a good instrument as part of the daily work of men, because it benefits much more than their time ... ... while the men dressed in fact not hard, but there is no such idea has been nurtured, many men have known Zhi little, do not know where to start. In fact, men dress like women are not as complicated, it can generally be divided into the clothing style and dress occasions, the two points. Ran into the back of the hand cuffs to suit the ideal location. Shirt cuff should be exposed suit cuffs 1.5 cm. However drooping arm, the suit length and the first joint of the thumb, the best. Tongue in the neck collar shirt collar suit should be exposed 1.5 cm. Outside the shirt collar and suit collar collar must be covered. Tie bow tie must be exactly in the middle of both sides of shirt collar and does not slip. After the system relies on a good collar and tie belt tip just touched. Long pants suits in front of the best cover and leather surfaces, followed by about 2 cm above the ground. The length of socks to ensure sit down, the leg can not be exposed. Color should be the same color or dark suits. 2 button suit jacket buttons just above the line, three button suits the middle or on the two button system.
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