Installing solar panels yourself can reduce your

by:SANDAO     2020-06-25
First, you need to measure the area of the roof to determine the number and size of solar panel plates that can be installed. If you live in the northern hemisphere, your roof space should face south. And vice versa if you live in the southern hemisphere. An alternative, to installing on the roof, is installing on a ground rack in a shade free area of the property. Next, buy the solar panel plates ensuring that you have the same number you intend to install. In addition, you should pick up a rooftop connector kit that is designed especially for domestic use. These kits can be bought in many solar industry stores, as well as local home restoration stores. Follow the instructions provided in the rooftop connector kit. Secure a mounting rail by pushing them on to the ridge tethers. If you aren't very sure about the width between the roof trusses, it will pay you to visit your attic and take accurate measurements. Make sure that you cover any holes where bolts or screws enter through the roof to the truss. You should use a water-resistant silicone or any other sealant to prevent water seeping through and rotting the roof. Also, you should attach the solar panels into the mounting handrails and secure into place. Next, connect the wiring of your solar panel to the existing home electricity system. For safety purposes, and to ensure a proper connection, always engage an electrician for this final step. When the connection is complete, you should contact your electric company and inform them that your solar panel system has been installed and is now working. When you call, take the opportunity to advise them that you would like to sell electricity back them and find out how that works. Supplying energy back into the grid is a nice way of charging for electricity instead of paying for it. Installing solar panels makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons, and if you install it yourself, from an economic point of view it is very attractive.
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