How to Tile a Concrete Basement Floor

by:SANDAO     2020-03-14
Laying concrete basement floors with tiles is a great way to enhance the beauty of the basement.The concrete basement doesn\'t look like it needs to be monotonous.You have enough resources to turn your concrete basement from monotonous to frustrating swish.
The tiles are great to lay and can make your concrete floor look more beautiful and larger in size.The tiles designed today employ upgraded technology for tile concrete basement floors.Previously designed tiles were not very durable, but later they were greatly improved for the purpose of the tiles.
The utility of the tiles is that, in terms of construction and cost, they can be tiled without any additional infrastructure support.Mounted directly on the concrete floor.In the next part of this article, we will guide you on how to tile the basement floor.To begin with, laying your basement floor may be an attractive offer;However, one may have to dig into the details to check if the basement is suitable for tiles.
First, make sure the floor is kept completely dry.When laying the basement, no moisture should be left;However, if you live in an area prone to flooding, the water may penetrate and the floor becomes a virtual mildew breeder.Also, you have to make sure the floor is flat and good.
Leveling the basement with a concrete solution can help as you can continue the tiling procedure.Beware of cracks.If so, make sure to fix the basement before handling it with a tile device.Here are the steps-by-Step description.Prepare a list of requirements before you start the task of paving the floor.
For your convenience, we have prepared a list for you.The description of the procedure is also mentioned here.1.The first step is to thoroughly check the floor and check if there is any damage to the floor.
Ask if it has any cracks, rough surfaces or leaks.If there are any floor anomalies, please correct them before installing the tiles.2.The next step is to clean the concrete floor.
The use of a vacuum cleaner should eliminate dust and debris found on the concrete floor of the basement.3.If you find dust stubborn and not easy to leave the surface, you can soak the mop with a solution of bleach and water to remove it.4.Mopping the entire floor area of your basement to avoid leaving dust and stubborn dirt.
If the mopping activity is not carried out completely, you should not be surprised if your tiling assignment does not produce the expected results.5.After the mopping is done, you have to leave the floor completely dry.6.Make sure the design of the tile you want to install.
After making the final decision, you have to start cutting the tiles to the required size with the tile tongs.8.Mark the room floor for Quadrant division with horizontal and vertical lines.You only have to do this when you find that the tiles are already dryset.
This is a preparation that guides you to ensure that the tile app is suitable for areas where the floor needs to be laid.9.Remove tile fragments and apply thin mortar.To use thin pulp, you must first read the product description very well.
In the process, not doing so will cause you trouble.10.Product manuals are important because different manufacturers have different ways to mix thinking.For the success of this idea, make sure you follow the instructions diligently.
Apply thin mortar on one quadrant at a time.Place this mixture on the concrete floor by using the flat surface of the spatula.12.Now is the time to set the tiles.To do this, the tiles should be placed in the mortar.
Place the tiles in place using a rubber mallet.13.Grouting shall be mixed as indicated.Take out the intervals between tiles.Put the mud in it and let it settle for a while.If there is extra grout, wipe it with a towel.
The mud should then be allowed to cure for about 48 hours.When you cut the tiles, you must be careful not to hurt your eyesight.You can wear goggles and cut the tiles to the size you want.
Hope you have learned about the process of laying concrete basement floors.Make sure the floor in the basement is suitable for the process of supporting the tiles.If not, please make the necessary changes to continue the tiling work.
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