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How to remove organic silica gel ?

First,it’s very easy to remove and clean when the silicone rubber uncured. No matter it’s in human body, utensils or clothing,just wash it by water.


Second,it’s very difficult to remove organic silica gel after curing, If solidified gel is cohere to glass, ceramics, metals and so on, you can clean it with solvents such as xylene and acetone. If you don't know these two kinds of substances. Banana water can be considered, because banana water contains these two kinds of substances, If there is less organic glue attached to objects such as glass, you can also try scraping it off with a scraper. If cohere to cloth, try to use brush, if not ok, choose banana water.  


Third, it is easy to deal with if silicone rubber cohere on hands. Organic silicone will not stick to the hand after cured, so we can remove it by rub hands. 

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