How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers - Step by Step Tutorials

by:SANDAO     2020-03-19
I have always liked crumpled paper.
When I was a kid, I loved making various crafts with this amazing piece of paper, and I made Halloween masks, 3D pictures, wreaths, and so on.
I remember how my mother sometimes made paper flowers. how much I envied it.
Naturally, as a child, I am not skilled enough to make a flower by myself, as paper towels may be a bit delicate.
Fortunately, my love for the craft still exists when I grow up and my skills have been improved.
Spring with my family is the busiest time of the year as most of our friends and family seem to have birthdays on April and 5 th.
Since they all deserve something unique, each of them gets a bunch of these (rose, calla lily, carnations ). . .
) And hand-made cards.
But these are great things made all year round and they are indeed perfect gifts or decorations for any occasion --
I was thinking the other day that they would also make a wedding bouquet and not be afraid that the flowers would wither (though not sure if they could survive the bouquet ).
I would like to share some flower tutorials with you so that you can also enjoy the art of flower making as I do.
Be sure to come back and have a look in the future as I will add more tutorials when I make more flowers.
Unless otherwise stated, the photos on this page are taken by me. Roses are red. . . Red roses.
People who don\'t love them, they are a symbol of beauty.
The first birthday girl is my aunt and she will get a small bundle because she really likes the red roses very much.
Red and Green wrinkled paper stick (string) or thread soft silk Scissors Glue-
I can also add decorative sand and a vase to the list as there is no better way to show your flowers than to put them in a vase full of decorative sand. 1. & 2.
Make a heart-shaped template similar to the one in the picture.
My petals are about 3 inch (7 cm) high and 2 inch (5 cm) wide ).
You can choose any size you want as there are a lot of sizes for roses.
Cut a Long wrinkle paper when you decide the size (let it be 3 inch wide and 20 inch long if we measure it (or more ).
Fold it (accordion fold/zigzag fold-
Each fold is as big as a petal ).
I folded the paper 10 to 14 times (to increase the diversity of sizes from Rose to Rose), I used two roses.
Use the paper clip to fix the template on the accordion folding paper.
Cut the shape, but be careful not to cut it on the edge-
So that your petals are connected together by a long band (as shown in Figure 2 ). 3.
Curl the petals and roll the bottom of the petals. Use a skewer you will use later as a stem to curl the upper part of the petals.
Scroll the bottom of the petal between the thumb and the index finger-
This will shape the petals. 4. & 5.
Wrap the petals around the sticky paper with some yellow thin paper and stick to the end of the sticky paper, but this is optional as it will not be seen in the end.
I fixed the first petal with white glue on the stick and after drying I just rolled the rest and slowly positioned each petal to get the desired shape.
I fixed them with some florists wires and glue.
I did the same with the second petal.
You may need to try it several times before you get the right shape. 6.
Make leaves and 4 small petals of the sepalsCut, like processing petals, rolling one side of them between fingers.
Make a small branch with flower lines and wrap it up with green paper.
Cut some shape and stick it to the wire with glue. 6.
Add the leaves, petals, and carefully stick the petals to the rose.
Wrap the wire around the wooden pole with leaves.
Wrap the stem with glue with green crepes paper. All done.
Some things you need
This is a must if you are going to make a lot of crepes or tissue paper flowers.
Lily is one of my favorite flowers.
And it\'s easy to make.
My mother-in-law will receive a bouquet like this!
I love this woman!
Whenever I talk to my friends about mothers in law, they tell me all the terrible problems they face with their friends and how much subtle criticism they get, and I can\'t even dare
Rock this woman! 1.
Make a template, cut a template on the paper, and cut it.
Only one petal is needed for each Lily.
The size I use is about 5.
5 inch wide (14 cm) and 6.
The height is 5 (16 cm ). 2. & 3.
Wrap one end in yellow paper with a long, thin stick (skewer) (I use streamer because it\'s wide enough --around 2 inch).
Fix it with glue. 4. & 5.
Shape the petals you see in Figure 4.
You need to curl the edges of the petals.
You do this by rolling the edge between your thumb and index finger.
Moving to picture 5, you need to stretch the paper in the middle of the petals and gently pull it open with both hands.
(When I was holding the camera, there was only one hand in the photo ).
This will make it look more realistic. 6.
Stick the petal x to the petal, add some glue to the bottom of the petal x, and place the petal on it, as shown in the figure.
Wait for the glue to dry. 7.
Wrap it with petals to get the shape of calla lily.
Add some glue to fix it. 8.
Color the bottom of petalI I think the best color is between yellow and green.
Because I lack green when using yellow. 9. Paper to petals
I really like making books by hand!
Although I think I am cunning myself, these books are very useful for broadening your cunning horizons and learning new technologies.
One of the things I always have with a smile on my face in these books is that when you find a technology that uses such a simple technique, you can\'t believe that you haven\'t thought about it before.
Don\'t you like flowers when they start to bloom?
Daffodils were the first to blossom in our garden this year, and I decided to make one out of a wrinkled paper to show you how to use the actual flowers as a template, I mean, what is a better template than the actual petals? 1. & 2.
Make some wire around the skewers and make daffodils.
Wrap the yellow paper around the end of the wire.
This is a shame. 3. & 4.
Creating cupI recommendation using fine wrinkle paper, but due to my lack of paper, I used a streamer that was not that thick, so I had to make a double streamer.
I measured the diameter of the actual cup on the daffodil to make my cup.
The note should be around 2.
5 inch (6 cm) long and 2 inch (5 cm) high ).
By gently stretching a small portion of the paper to the left and right (as shown in Figure 3), create a small winding pattern on one side of the strip.
When you\'re done, add some glue at the end of the wrinkle strip and make a tube. Let it dry.
You don\'t pinch the ends together when it dries5.
Place the cup on the stem and place the cup on the stem so that the shame will be in the middle of the Cup.
Fix the bottom of the cup with wire.
You can also add some glue. 6.
Make 6 petalsI uses the actual leaves as a template and I just added some length to it so I can stick the petals to the stem.
They are about 2 inch long (5 cm) and 1.
The 25 inch width (3 cm) of the added length (about 0) is not calculated ). 5 inch -1 cm).
You need 6 petals.
I think it would be best if you made them in different sizes and slightly different shapes as it would make daffodils look more natural. 7.
Give a Little shape to the edge of the petal between your thumb and index finger to make the edge more natural.
Most daffodils have one or several folds on their petals, so be sure to do it well.
In order to bring some texture to it, it will also be painted a little on the wrinkle paper. 8: & 9.
Sticking the leaves to the trunk is a tricky part and you need some patience.
Apply glue on a petal and place it under the cup.
Believe me, the petals will have their own thoughts, but with patience you will make it stand the way you want it to be.
Before you stick to the second (and other) Petal, be sure to give it enough time to dry.
Work your way to the sixth petal.
Last but not least.
Stem takes a green piece of paper, starts under the cup, works down the Stem and wraps it around the skewers.
Make sure you don\'t have any naughty pets in your work area.
The little monster took my daffodil Cup and ran away with it.
Not a beautiful kitten at all!
But we still love him. sometimes he is really a helpful person.
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