how to dress for success at spring racing events: from wearing your hair in an up-do to ditching smokey eye make up - fashions on the field veteran reveals her top dos and don\'ts

by:SANDAO     2020-03-21
Whether you\'re struggling to wear the best or impress, it\'s important to put some ideas in your spring racing wardrobe.
Get at the perfect track of assembly-
It sounds very simple. There are many things to remember --
Especially if you plan to compete in fashion.
So to help women wear spring racing gear, Tahlia Aubusson, a veteran in Australia\'s fashion scene, recently shared what she should and shouldn\'t do at her top.
\"Over the past 10 years, I have participated in many FOTF events and ranked and judged them, and she explained on her blog:\" This year I was pregnant with a second child, I had to sit by and watch all of you freeze. \".
So, I decided that if I can\'t be there, I can also get involved by helping you guys get ready for the match day!
Tahlia urged the ladies to leave \"club gear\" at home for the sake of \"regular matches \".
This is your day to show the inner \"lady\", the general standard of the competition clothing is the knee length clothing and the covered shoulder, she said, the well-cut clothing is always a good choice, please don\'t wear Leka, sequins and jerseys.
For racing clothing, it is absolutely not optimistic to show the middle waist. it may reconsider the high-altitude platform and choose more complicated shoes.
Hair, nails and make-up should also be \"neat\" and make-up should always be suitable for the day.
\"Let the eyes of the dark smoke cover the night,\" she said . \".
While some may like neutral, Tahlia encourages women to embrace the brighter colors of spring and rock.
The theme of \"Spring\" is always bright.
\"This is the time of the year to wear eye-catching colors, or you can always choose soft and beautiful flower language, which will continue to exist in the next 200,000 springs,\" she said . \".
\"You will find it easy to buy something that is very suitable for the game at this time of the year.
Some great places to try low budget perfect outfits are David Jones, review, Forever New, Mel, the chief and as.
She continued: \"You can also find some lovely pieces in David Jones and Mel for millenelli, but there are also a lot of millenelli on Ebay and Etsy
Why not try to make one yourself?
Totally cheap, you can choose the perfect color, all you need is a starting point
G. plain straw bow hat or headband, hot glue gun, cut artificial wreath, feather or any accessories you like and arrange them on the selected head piece.
\"The simple floral headband is perfect for spring and very easy to make!
Find tutorials on YouTube!
\"It\'s a completely different game for field entrants, and a clothing from a popular retailer won\'t be cut off at all.
\"To be honest, it\'s fun and a bit addictive for me, but if you really want to put on the winning look, it takes a lot of creative thinking, unique design, she said the preparation work and polishing from head to foot.
Unique design look.
Before the race season, I will draft a dress and headwear and get in touch with the tailor and one of my favorite women\'s hats to discuss the dress and start the production process.
\"Sometimes, I was lucky enough to find a rare unique dress overseas or from a designer, in which case it was just my custom-made female hat that matched the dress.
\"Talia also has accessories and is as creative as possible to ensure cohesion.
\"Over the past few years, I have bought a simple bag to cover with the same fabric as my clothes or headwear,\" she said . \".
Choose accessories such as earrings, shoes and gloves, and choose half-style gloves suitable for spring.
Your outfit must look cohesive from head to foot.
Finally, only by dressing up properly can you create an elegant look.
\"During the week of the race, I will make my hair, eyebrows, nails in the right color, and sometimes tan with a light natural spray if needed (
Do not appear orange, it will reduce the points),\' she said.
\"One day I will have a hair stylist tidy up my hair so it doesn\'t affect my hairstyle.
In general, most FOTF contestants dress their hair beautifully.
\"I am very good at makeup because I have a lot of experience over the years, but in the early days I always make up professionally and I suggest that if you are not good at makeup yourself, makeup should be cohesive with your outfit.
Tahlia concluded by saying that regardless of your plan, it is important to immerse everything in it and have fun.
\"No matter how you choose to dress for the upcoming spring carnival, I hope the most important thing is that you enjoy the day with your friends! \' She said.
\"As I scroll through over the next few weeks, I can\'t wait to see all the photos you all dress up!
If you are a drunk blind person who does not go home in shoes and a fascinating person falls off your head, then please take a photo, because I also appreciate that I can\'t fit custom potato bags at home!
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