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Choosing the right glue from a wide variety of available glue can be confusing, and shop assistants at hardware and department stores sometimes don\'t get to know the problem better than regular consumers.
Here are the guidelines for the main categories of household glue;
If you\'re a deep-rooted repairman, it\'s worth keeping the top four supplies.
This is also known as Carpenter wood glue and yellow wood glue, although dark-
Color varieties can be used with dark wood such as walnuts.
For most jobs, carpentry prefers fat resin glue because it combines the wood tightly, can be polished and painted, and allows the user to relocate for up to 15 minutes before becoming sticky
Clamping is required but only takes about an hour.
Fat resin glue has only medium waterproof properties, so it should not be used in outdoor projects.
Since the glue does not fill the gaps, the pieces must fit together tightly.
By wiping with a damp cloth or paper towel, fresh excess glue can be removed from the surface to be painted.
However, if the surface is to be stained, let the excess glue become rubber-like and then peel it off with a blade;
The damp cloth will allow the glue to enter the pores of the wood, where it will interfere with the stains.
Called super glue, it can glue in a few seconds, without clamping, but it takes about 24 hours to achieve the full strength.
It is designed for minor repairs that require only a few drops.
There are usually two types of acrylic glue, liquid and gel.
The former works best on non-porous surfaces such as glass, while the latter works best on porous surfaces such as China. A two-
The Cleveland-based Loctite company has just launched the component strength glue, especially the plastic strength glue.
It is called the Plastix advanced plastic adhesive, equipped with an oxidized liquid that makes the surface rough and enhances the ability of the adhesive to form a strong adhesive.
The oxidized liquid first spreads to the surface.
After dry (
About five seconds later)
, Adhesive, regular gel-
Type strong glue, applied together for about a minute until the glue is hardened.
Like other super glue, it takes about 24 hours to fully solidify.
The epoxy is very strong, durable and nearly waterproof.
It can be used to glue porous and non-porous materials, and unlike most other glue, it can fill in the gaps.
Clamping or manual pressure is required but fast
Harden the epoxy in about five minutes.
Depending on the variety, epoxy glue takes 30 minutes to three days to solidify.
All dry to cream color;
It is difficult to Polish.
Practice is required to use epoxy because the resin and the hardening agent must be mixed.
Too much resin will slow down the drying and too much hardening agent will weaken the glue.
For small repairs, buy epoxy in a matching test tube or syringe to distribute the ingredients in the right proportion.
For large projects, such as the manufacture of outdoor furniture, purchase the ingredients in the cans.
Mix the epoxy resin on a non-porous surface, such as aluminum foil or plastic cover.
This is also known as white or pva glue. The best-
Elmer\'s glue is a well-known brand.
It can be used like grease resin glue, but it is neither strong nor waterproof.
It\'s clear when you do it.
The typical use of dimensional glue is to add light materials such as paper, cardboard, cloth or leather.
Delicate items are often weighted, not clipped.
Place a piece of plastic wrap on the adhesive area to prevent any excess from sticking to the weight.
However, if ventilation is allowed, otherwise it will take several hours for the glue to harden.
CONTACT entthis is very useful for bonding sheets such as furniture veneers and plastics
Laminated countertops.
No clamping is required;
Pieces of bonds when they touch.
Before applying contact cement, make sure that the part to be connected is perfectly fit without having to move after.
For bonding a large piece of material like the top of the counter, the usual method is to separate the top and the counter and allow them to dry in the direction of the container, generally about 15 minutes (
Glue will only stick to itself).
At about 4 inch M, place narrow unglued corrugated cardboard strips on the counter;
They should extend a little on the edge.
Place the top of the counter on the bar.
Start at one end of the counter, take the next band and press the counter-
The top material on the counter can glue it.
Remove the next strap, press it, and repeat it.
Contact cement is a solvent-
Therefore, breathing is flammable and dangerous.
When using it, wear enough masks for protection and provide adequate ventilation.
Building adhesive strong rubber glue is installed in the cartridge and applied with a caulking gun.
Its uses include wall panels, plywood, solid-
Foam Insulation materials and other paneling for housing frame or masonry structure.
The glue fills the gap and produces an adhesive with a certain flexibility, enabling the adhesive material to be adjusted according to changes in temperature and humidity.
Buy a solvent-free variety if possible. (
If there is no solvent, the container will say so. )
A brand is PL Premium produced by Chemrex. of Minneapolis. )
When using solvent
Based on the adhesive, wear enough masks and provide adequate ventilation.
Household cement Duco Cement is probably the most familiar, but it is almost out of date with more firm, faster drying, and no need for clamping of propylene salts. Solvent-
Basic household cement (
Hard to find now)
Become sticky in about a minute; silicone-
The base cement becomes sticky and breathing safer in about 10 minutes.
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