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by:SANDAO     2020-03-19
Choosing the right glue can be confusing.
Multi-purpose glue has been replaced by special types that usually work better, but only if knowledge is selected and used.
In order to be well stocked, one should put these glue at hand: fat resin, acrylic, epoxy and poly-ethyl.
Resin glue is also called yellow wood glue.
It is the first choice for carpentry and can also be used to connect other porous surfaces such as leather, felt and Cork.
One advantage for some projects is that the sticky pieces can be relocated for up to 15 minutes before the glue starts to harden.
The resin glue of the resin family has medium water resistance, but it is not suitable for outdoor engineering.
The pieces that are glued must fit tightly and clamp together for about 30 minutes.
It takes about 24 hours to fully cure.
Ordinary resin glue is light-
Cream color when dry. A dark-
Color varieties used to bond dark wood.
Both colors can be polished and painted with sandpaper, but not dyed.
Contact cement is usually used to bond sheets such as plastic laminated countertops.
Clamping is not necessary as they are coated with cement adhesive as soon as they are in contact. Water-
Base contact cement without solvent is safer than solvent
Base cement that is flammable and harmful to health.
The building adhesive is a rubber compound that is mounted in a cartridge and applied with a caulking gun.
Its use includes connecting wall panels, floors, or other panels to the frame of the house.
The adhesive it produces is flexible and it allows the adhesive material to shrink and expand due to humidity changes.
Most building adhesives contain solvents, so the inhalation is flammable and dangerous.
But a brand, PL Premium, manufactured by Contech Brands, a division of Chemrex Inc.
Non-toxic non-burning.
So is Cyano acrylic glue-
Called Super Glue
They are combined almost in seconds with any material, but it takes about 24 hours to heal, a feature many users don\'t know.
The amount of Cyano acrylic acid is very small, usually one drop per square inch, for small repairs only.
Of the two types of liquid and gel, liquid is most effective on non-porous surfaces such as glass, and most effective on porous surfaces such as China.
It is not necessary to dry transparent and clamp, but the parts must fit closely and there is no gap.
Be careful with cyano glue.
It sticks to the skin.
To remove dry glue, use acetone or products containing acetone, such as nailspolish remover.
Epoxy glue produces a very strong length
Durable combination of almost waterproof.
Epoxy can be used in porous and non-porous materials, and unlike most other glue, it is perfect for filling gaps.
Clamping or manual pressure is necessary but fast
It takes only about five minutes to set the epoxy.
Depending on the variety, epoxy glue takes 30 minutes to three days to solidify.
All colors are cream and can be painted.
It is difficult to Polish.
Epoxy is difficult to use because it has to be sold together by a mixture of resin and a hardening agent.
Too much resin will slow down the drying and too much hardening agent will weaken the glue.
For minor repairs, Please purchase epoxy resin in the enclosed tube or plastic syringe.
For large jobs like building outdoor furniture, buy the ingredients in the cans.
Epoxy is flammable, irritating to the skin and harmful to breathing.
The old-fashioned hidden glue is desirable for some work, as the quality is often considered a disadvantage.
It takes about an hour to become sticky, producing a relatively weak bond that can be dissolved in hot water.
The hidden glue is ideal for use on large surfaces that can be clamped, such as veneer desktops, and furniture that may need to be repaired later.
It also fills the gap.
Liquid hidden glue is easier to use than glue sold as a sheet, as there is no need to mix.
The glue is Amber and can be polished and painted.
Household cement is a multi-purpose transparent adhesive sold in pipes.
It is cheap in price, slow in drying, weaker than propylene and requires clamping.
Household cement that is harmful to breathing becomes sticky in about a minute.
Safer silicone
Base varieties without solvent become sticky in about 10 minutes.
It takes 24 hours to fully cure.
There are two types of plastic resin, urea-
Formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde.
Both are used to glue the wood and need to be clamped.
The urea form is sold as a powder, mixed with water, and the benzene is mixed as a powder with the liquid resin accompanying it.
Formaldehyde glue is highly waterproof and can dry slightly bronze.
The phenol glue is almost waterproof.
Its main use is outdoor furniture for Marine buildings and buildings, and dry dark red.
Both types can be painted, but grinding is difficult. Both are toxic.
Polyethylene acetate, also called white glue.
It has almost the same performance as the fat resin glue, but the strength is small and the drying is almost clear.
It can be used on wood, but it is more suitable for porous materials such as paper, cardboard, cloth and leather.
Drawings showing how to use different types of glue.
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