Should I Spread Thermal Paste Or Not

by:SANDAO     2020-07-25

You solely want it on the steel portion of the processor and not on another part as thermal grease is conductive and can fry your processor ought to it make contact. The object when spreading the grease is to make a paper-thin layer of the grease to make a flush contact between the processor and the heat-sink. Now I know you’re thinking “Well that doesn’t appear to be a lot grease wouldn’t extra be better? This is because the extra thermal grease you have will make less warmth switch to the warmth-sink.

Ceramic-based can be white due to the sort of materials they use to create the grease. The most efficient type of thermal grease is steel-based mostly grease which is analogous to ceramic-based mostly, but contains steel particles to increase the heat conductivity of the grease.

You solely want to apply a tiny bit no larger than a dime to the center of the processor. Once that's completed take out a business card you don’t care about and use it to spread the thermal paste throughout the metal die of the processor.

The heat will turn into trapped in the grease cooking it to a tough crusty substance after which the warmth transfer shall be degraded much more. Thermal grease is a substance that's used to transfer the heat out of your processor to the warmth-sink more efficiently than not having something on the processor. There are totally different sorts of thermal grease similar to ceramic-based mostly, steel-based, carbon-primarily based and liquid-steel primarily based. The most common form of thermal grease these days is ceramic-based which is included with every retail AMD and Intel processor you purchase.

If you look on the bottom of the heat-sink fan you will note a black pad. When you've a setup like this you wouldn't have to apply any thermal grease to the processor as it will bind from the warmth-sink.

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