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by:SANDAO     2020-11-22

You might want to strive having a block-dye test performed to check for combustion/exhaust gases pumping into the cooling system. It’s potential that with the extra compression within the system while driving, the system is being over pressurized and causing it to overheat. Idling the vehicle and having less compression in the system, could possibly be why it’s not overheating at idle.

As for tightening I did it in a star kind of diagonal sample. No I didn’t use a sealer on the gasket as a result of I was advised that wasn’t needed if it is a strong / one piece gasket. Other than overheating, have you observed any issues with engine efficiency or energy? A defective water pump could be the offender for overheating downside, though, you would greater than likely also be having the same downside while the car is idling.

I have a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan with 199K miles on it. My mechanic identified it with a cracked head gasket. He said my antifreeze was method down, slight white smoke from tail pipe, and he was getting some slight CO2 readings within the radiator .

The watery black suet continues if I rev the engine hard. No, the BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer does not include any solid or particulate matter.

Was the mechanic able to diagnose it as having a blown head gasket? Based on your description, it doesn’t seem like you have any of the tell-story signs of a head gasket leak. I know this is primarily a car thread, I actually have a CSC RX3 250cc single cylinder watercooled bike, its coolant stage drops without any seen exterior leakages in very small amount. No over-heating issues since I purchased this car. Upon start-up I get white smoke and watery black suet out of the exhaust.

It is only a liquid, so it would not have a number of the similar clogging or restricting possibilities that another merchandise available on the market would. Based on your description, it doesn’t look like you could have any of the tell-story signs of a blown head gasket.

Also to add, there isn’t any coolant or water coming out of the tail pipe and theres solely white smoke for a bit when I begin the automotive but then it goes away. Based on your description, we suggest having a block-dye test carried out. This is testing for combustion/exhaust gases pumping into the cooling system, which might be a symptom of warped/cracked heads. Other than that, it doesn't look like you could have any of the tell-tale indicators of a blown head gasket.

I separated it using a paint scraper and a rubber mallet on the corner and after a couple of faucets on the nook it just separated. As for cleaning I used rubbing alchol and paper towels to scrub it off I made positive to get off as much as I could.

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