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by:SANDAO     2020-11-28

I seen that I had a small puddle close to the tailpipe that resembled antifreeze/water. I have not pushed the automobile in the final 4 days and see that the leak has continued. Also, one other symptom as the necessity to add about 1/2 gallon of 50/50 coolant mix about four days ago. My query, can I simply pour the product into the radiator without having to remove the thermostat?

Thank you for asking about your Nissan SE. Based on your description, you may be experiencing a head gasket leak. Unfortunately, BlueDevil doesn't manufacture a product for when you're getting oil into the radiator. It sounds such as you’ve really received a foul water pump. Your temperature gauge will learn sizzling because the temperature probe is somewhere on your engine block or head, so even if the water isn’t circulating that sensor will get scorching. I modified the thermostat and my car still overheats, I have no heat and high hose is sizzling backside heat is cold.

On a four cylinder engine that gasket is correct on prime and must be comparatively simple to change with a mechanic’s device set. Make certain you clean all of the oil out from across the spark plug whenever you exchange the gasket.

When I popped this up and got out I may see water/coolant laying all around the floor. The steam was coming from where I had put the coolant in. I rapidly went and obtained some water to high this up to ensure I might drive home and let the engine cool, some time after I then had a flashing and beeping pink thermostat light on my dash.

I suppose its a blown head gasket based on the symptoms? before I purchased It had been sitting a great 2/three years. These automobiles wouldn't have a temperature gauge on, however after I got again within the automotive the other day steam was coming from the bonnet.

any recommendations i just hope its not the top gasket. Could you tell if the 2013 Mazda CX-9 is one if the models that have a nasty reputation of blown head gaskets? Mine just blew the gasket and needs the engine replaced. It could be powerful to pinpoint precisely what the difficulty is with no prognosis, nonetheless, it's possible that you are dealing with a head gasket leak.

fluid is chilly even when it says the engine is overheating. Would I actually have a foul thermostat or wouldn't it be a head gasket? No smoke out of the tail pipe and I have not checked the oil. From your description it doesn’t sound like your downside is a head gasket leak. The oil in your sparkplug nicely seems like you've a extreme valve cover gasket leak.

Hi, My Dad’s 2005 Jeep Cherokee turbo diesel automobile has been using plenty of coolant. The repairer said it's a cylinder head gasket problem and quoted a terrible price to repair it. The car doesn't do a lot mileage and no heavy four×4 work any more.

Unfortunately, we do not manufacture a product meant to stop oil from getting within the radiator/reservoir. I have a 1996 Mercedes C200 when i brought it the person stated it had a blown head gasket, i drove it house the tempeture went to high then back to half and stayed there.

I assumed this was indicating that the engine was over heating and so I went to my native part retailer and picked up some coolant and obtained them to check the degrees. I then drove residence and the identical thing happened, I checked a couple of time and the coolant level appeared to be going down but no water beneath the car. It’s since been over a day and it hasn’t happened again, and the thermostat has stayed blue but this may be as a result of I’ve solely been doing small trips.

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