glass mosaic tile art - is weldbond really the best adhesive for mosaics?

by:SANDAO     2020-03-17
The art of making exquisite glass mosaic tiles is simple!
Let me show you.
What kind of adhesive is best for mosaic?
It depends on your base material, the mosaic method, whether you work horizontally on the table or vertically on the wall, whether your mosaic is exposed to moisture and personal preferences.
Many websites and articles say weldond is the best adhesive for indoor mosaics and the preferred adhesive for professional mosaic artists around the world.
I like to ask \"why ? \" People.
\"I had to dig deeper, so my question is: what makes weldond much better than the other polyethyl (PVA)glues (
Commonly known as white glue)
Like all Elmer\'s glue?
If you\'re like me, you think, \"why so many Mosaic sites say weldond is the best mosaic glue, but none of them can fully explain what makes it better or
\"I don\'t know, maybe a mosaic artist has heard something about weldond and fed it back to another artist without knowing the chemical facts.
Maybe a mosaic vendor sells a 4-
A bottle of weldond for $4 an ounce. 50 than a 7. 5-
$1 Elmer beer per ounce. 50.
Let\'s think about it.
The white glue is made from a pva emulsion.
All basic pva lotions have the same properties: water-
Based on, smelly, easy to clean
Up, colorless, relatively non
Toxic, waterproof (not waterproof)
, Not too heat resistant compared to other adhesives.
By adding a small amount of material to improve specific properties, various types of pva glue can be developed.
For example, simple clay can improve the high temperature strength of glue.
However, the difference in variety is not large, because if too much extra material is added, the adhesive properties of the glue will be unacceptably weakened.
I\'m trying to determine the chemical properties of weldond and Elmer, but I can\'t find anything that completely defines the composition.
Elmer\'s website says their ingredients are proprietary, so I think the ingredients for weldond are also proprietary.
I also can\'t find independent laboratory test results that define Weldbond shear strength, adhesive strength, and adhesive strength. (
The key word is \"independence \". \")
The same is true of Elmer.
So I can\'t compare the two to determine if the two are really stronger than the other in terms of shear, adhesion, and cohesion.
For our indoor mosaic app, do we really care if one brand is stronger than the otherCountless passports? (
Pascal is the equivalent of a unit of pressure per square Newton. meter. )
I don\'t think so.
For example, are we concerned that one brand may support the weight of two elephants while the other may support only one elephant? Of course not.
What we are concerned about is whether the glue can effectively fix a small piece of glass tessera that weighs less than an ounce on our substrate without being subjected to extreme external force (e. g.
Such as walking on it or beating it with a hammer).
So in terms of strength, how do we choose whether to use weldond or Elmer\'s simple, lightweight
Indoor mosaic art application?
The answer is simple ---
Experiment with our own science.
Read the eBook and learn the details and results of my experiment to find out which brand is doing better.
You will be surprised by the results.
The ebook also explains more about the pva glue, so you\'ll see if it\'s possible to make one brand much better than the other.
So the question remains: is it worth spending $4 for our interior glass mosaic art. 50 for a 4-
A bottle of Weldbond per ounce is not $1. 50 for a 7. 5-
An ounce of Elmer? Read the eBook!
Keep in mind that making mosaic art is easy. You can do it. Yes, you can!
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