FRP stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic and

by:SANDAO     2020-06-01
FRP piping is a lot different to PVC pipes and a lot of companies are manufacturing FRP Pipe India. The piping is manufactured by the process of winding and it involves epoxy resins bonded with glass filaments. The resins undergo irreversible chemical reactions which results in high temperature capabilities. The bonding of the filament makes the piping very strong. This gives the pipes lighter weight and high performance. Recently FRP wear pads are fabricated from the pipes and pads are attached to the pipes using epoxy adhesive. These are also known as non metallic wear pads and are used in non insulated piping to render better life span to the pipes. They avoid metal to metal contact and can isolate piping from a metal structure. Polycarboxylate Ether is engineered water reducers specifically manufactured for the concrete industry. It is a liquid that is used as a raw material and is a water reducing agent for concrete and minerals. The performance benefits of PCE are as follows: Retains slumps for longer time Reduces creep and shrinkage Provides enhanced concrete fluidity when water level is low It is compatible with all sorts of cements. High strength PCE is a light brown admixture with superior benefits having a homogeneous plasticizing and cohesive property that prevents segregation. It is not recommended to use it along with additives that have naphthalene sulfonate because it may give rise to unreliable behavior. You must also not use it with concrete that is temperature treated. Store the admixture at a temperature of 5-40 degree centigrade. After its freezing, complete strength can only be achieved only after thawing. This super plasticizer helps to achieve concrete properties.
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