Eyelash extensions are surely one of the quickest

by:SANDAO     2020-05-23
Artificial eyelash extensions are applied by a professional through the tedious process of elongating each lash singularly. Basically, the customer sits down in a chair or lies on a bed for two hours while the eyelashes get applied. The lash specialist will usually use some sort of special bonding agent. This is really just a fancy way of saying glue. Nevertheless, eyelash glue is extremely important to the process. A really good, top quality adhesive can allow the new lashes to stay on your natural lashes for over a month. There is somewhat of a myth out there amongst the lash industry which claims women don't need to where mascara after getting extensions. The truth is that less mascara is needed after a treatment. Still, getting eyelash extensions does have a dramatic affect on the eyes. Many ladies get addicted to the process. It's also vital to practice good lash care after getting extensions. Most salons will inform clients to take it easy on their eyelashes for the first 24 hours. Activities such as taking a really hot shower, swimming, working out or exposing oneself to super humid weather should be avoided the first day. Afterwards, it's okay to go back to your regular regimen. Not all eyelash extensions are the same. Dozens of companies offer a variety of lash-textures. Some of the most popular lash extensions are artificial mink, synthetic, silk and even human hair lashes. Your best bet is to visit your local beauty salon and pick a style that matches your natural eyes. A trained stylist will suggest a host of different lengths and colors that will match your hair, as well as skin tone. Ask to see before and after eyelash pictures to get an even better idea of the look you want. It's like getting a mini-makeover. The difference is that eyelash extensions stay on 7 days a week. Chances are you will love looking in the mirror.
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