Epoxy resin adhesive series

Two-component high-temperature resistant adhesive is AB adhesive based on epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin AB glue has the advantages of fast drying, high strength, weak acid and alkali resistance.It’s impact resistance, low smell, resistance to most chemical media. Epoxy resin is extreme temperature resistance and excellent electrical insulation. It has high shear peeling strength, good toughness, waterproofing, corrosion resistance.

Epoxy resin are mainly used for bonding high temperature resistant metal, ceramic,rubber, glass, electronic parts,electroplating / baking paint / magnetic materials, such as for aircraft, motor, etc.

The color is optional,we have black,white and transparent epoxy resin ab adhesive.

Fastest curing only need 5mins. Package normally is 64g/pcs, 2kg bottle per set.

Normally the ratio is 1:1, but we also have ratio 10:1 epoxy resin structural adhesive SD823 , it is a kind of high strength acrylate structural adhesive. 

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