Electronic cigarettes are the devices that are

by:SANDAO     2020-06-20
E cigarettesare battery operated device that consists of an atomizer and a cartridge that contains the low nicotine. They are safe to smoke in public places because they are free from smoke producing chemicals that are contained in traditional cigarettes like tar, arsenic, and carbon monoxide that produce poisonous smoke which cause several lungs and respiratory diseases to smokers. And due to this not only smokers, but the non-smokers are also effected by the secondhand smoke produced by smoking cigarettes. However, smoking with electronic cigarette do not cause these issues so they can be freely smoked anywhere in public places and they don't cause any lingering smoking smells and nicotine-stained on clothing, car, home and office, etc. Although electronic cigarette doesn't contain these harmful chemicals, even though they provide the same taste, instant throat hit, and sensation like the real cigarettes These cigarettes are available in several flavors like tobacco, vanilla, menthol, chocolate, etc. and in different nicotine strengths that provide several options to the smokers. Besides these benefits electronic cigarettes possess more benefit of low cost as their one cartridge is equivalent to about a pack of 20 cigarettes that gives saving of up to 80%. That's why because of these benefits electronic cigarettes are considered the alternate to tobacco cigarettes.
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