Edge banding machines are used in carpentry and

by:SANDAO     2020-06-09
This edge banding machine provides better looks of the furniture and interior decoration in residential and commercial premises. These edge banding machines operate with a coil of tape in 0.4 mm to 2.5 mm thickness and 10 mm to 50 mm width placed on a rotating feeding table. These edge tapes can be replaced as they are readily available in the market. These machines are specially designed for doing the banding operation on table tops, kitchen cabinets, various types of boards, etc. Homag-India provides so many varieties of edge banding machines such as, 01. Optimat KTD 720 02. Optimat KDN 210 03. Optimat KDN 520 - KDF 560 GC 04. Optimat KDN 630 - KDF 660 GC 05. Optimat KDN 730 - KDF 770 2C 06. Optimat KDN 980 2C + KDF 980 2C 07. Profi line KDF 550 - KDF 980 Highflex 08. Optimat KAL 210 09. Optimat KAL 310 10. Optimat KAL 310/E Softforming 11. Optimat KAL 520 The KTD 720 is not only a new machine; it represents a flexible machine concept. The goal of the new development was to have a machine not only for efficiently and reliably gluing a series of formed parts but also for processing smaller quantities of straight parts. The new KDN 210 is an extremely compact machine, which is setting new benchmarks in terms of high performance capability and operator convenience when processing edge banding material up to 3mm. Therefore this machine is very interesting for small- or newly founded companies With the KAL 210 machines, nothing has been cut in the design in terms of technical equipment. Quite the opposite. These machines have benefited from the inclusion of know-how which has stood the test of time in our high - performance machine ranges. This means the KAL 210 can be used efficiently to process practically any type of edge material -making you more efficient and flexible. And you will benefit from same high standard of Homag-India quality and reliability that you would expect to find in any of our machines. The individual components of the automation package are precisely coordinated for the machine, simplifying operating procedures when changing work piece or edging material thickness, ensuring a consistent high standard of quality, and also reducing set-up times by 50%.
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