diy 12 volt on-demand water pump system

by:SANDAO     2020-03-07
I often camp and I tend to camp in remote areas without facilities like water, electricity or bathroom.
When I\'m not really camping, I like to take the time to build \"toys\" for camping \".
Water is important when I camp.
Many times I put water in a tank, kettle or bucket.
Sometimes water can be obtained from springs or streams.
While I can cook, clean and take a shower with water in a bucket or tank, it\'s much more convenient to have a pressurized water source, and it\'s also fun to build a system that provides water. . .
I just turned on 12 volts.
The water pump is needed and the inlet hose and outlet hose are connected, but where is the fun. . .
This structure will tell you what I built.
This is certainly not the best and not the only way to do it, but this is what I did & I found it very convenient in the camp.
Hopefully this will provide some ideas for your own pump system.
For my system, I would like to be able to pump water from a bucket or from an external source such as a water tank or stream.
I decided to install a pump on the lid of the barrel.
I made a plywood cover for a barrel and cut out two circles, one slightly smaller than the inside of the barrel and one slightly larger than the outside of the barrel.
Then I stick the two circles together and bind them together and I have a nice solid surface to install my pump and pipe.
I am ready to install the pump after covering the lid.
At first glance, the lid seems to provide so much space for the pump, but, like all real estate, when you start putting things on the lid, the lid will shrink very quickly. . .
Decide carefully where you want to install the pump and try to think about pipes, connections, electrical, etc. . .
I use PEX for almost all pipes.
I used copper before, but I prefer PEX because it handles freezing and is cheaper than copper. . .
For my water system, I would like to be able to get water from buckets or external sources such as tanks or streams.
To achieve this, I will install a hose connection on the bucket for external sources, as well as a siphon for pumping water from the bucket.
In the last picture, you can see the lines under the barrel cover.
If the valve is opened (
As shown in the figure)
The valve at the top of the barrel is closed and then the pump will be drawn from the barrel.
If the valve is closed and the valve at the top is opened, then it will draw from another external source. . .
Please note that do not open, otherwise water is everywhere.
I can use the bypass valve, which only allows the water to come from the direction, but I need this pump the day I build it, so I don\'t have time to order it.
If you would like to use the bypass valve, please check the pipe or RV store. . .
They are usually used to bypass hot water heaters during the winter.
Here you can see the valves used to allow pumping from external sources, such as tanks or water flows.
This is a standard valve with hose thread.
In this photo, I connected an adapter because the hose that came into my pump from my supply tank was a male end. . .
On the pressurized side of the pump, I installed a pressure gauge, mainly for my own entertainment and output connection. I used a quick-connect cam-
Lock the fittings so I can connect the pump to various hoses quickly and easily.
I can connect the wire to the battery, but it\'s too simple! ! !
I use an electric box with a socket and switch to turn on the power.
The socket has a plug in the first photo.
This plug has a jumper from one side to the other.
I call it the key.
After removing the pump, the pump will not work.
The purpose is for me to remotely control the power supply from the pump, if I take the key out and turn on the switch, I can have a remote switch away from the pump.
You can see my remote control switch in the last picture.
Since I might be pumping water from a spring or stream, I don\'t want the deposit to go into my system, so I added a water filter to the system.
This filter is just a household water filter and I have added a male and female hose fitting on each side of it. . .
So what did I finally get? . . .
An overly complex barrel with a pump on it! ! !
There are many ways to use ondemand pump.
That\'s what I did.
I ended up getting a pump that can be pumped from the barrel or any other external source with just a few valve switches.
It will output to various sources.
It produces water pressure of 45 psi, and now I have running water when all my dishes are camping --
Need a bath. .
Thank you for taking the time to check out this Instructure, please check out my other Instructure.
Have a great day and see what I\'m posting next; )
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