Dentures are not repaired with glue:

by:SANDAO     2020-06-20
As said earlier, some folks prefer the easy way to fix their dentures and that is to use poisonous glue to repair their cheap dentures. The only way a denture can be repaired properly is to mend it back with the same or very similar materials that is was made with. Finding similar materials means the material must be safe to use in the mouth all the time. The material cannot dissolve or break apart when exposed to the chewing pressures, or constant warm and moist mouth. There is denture repair material that is specifically made to fix dentures. It is strong and resilient to the extreme conditions that any mouth has. Denture repair material, once hardened is usually stronger than the existing material on a denture because of the age of the existing denture. Dentures must be fitted back together exactly: When a denture is made it is made to fit the contours of the mouth to enable a denture wearer to chew food properly. The denture is made to fit snugly so the person wearing the denture can eat, or speak properly. Those folks who use their own denture repair glue remedy must understand they are fixing something that has to help them eat or speak. Meaning the broken pieces have to be put back exactly how they broke. If the denture is put together and the angle is slightly off when the glue cures with the broken denture, all low cost dentures may be very uncomfortable or even may be unbearable. Once a denture is mended back together with some sort of glue, it is almost impossible for a professional to correct the homemade denture repair. This is because the glue has bonded tightly to the broken edges, and will distort the edges just enough so that it will be difficult to find the right edge to connect the pieces together at the correct angle. If a denture breaks, it is very important to not put a foreign substance that will adhere to the broken edges as the denture repair professional uses these edges to correctly put the denture back together in its right position. A local dentist might be able to assist with those who glued their dentures together the wrong way by actually taking an impression of your mouth to try to correct the mistakes when using glue. But truly, it is up to the dentist to decide if your homemade denture repair is worth the time to correct. In some situations if the denture can be fixed the right way, the cost to correct the mistake made may cost more than getting a new denture.
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