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by:SANDAO     2020-05-30
They can be of various forms like diluents, liquids and solids and its widespread advantageous usages are being discussed below- As discussed, epoxy based resins serve various purposes like coatings because of their chemical quality of resistance, especially against the thin film adhesion for metals, which can be then used as paints. Some of the qualities of these resins are - electrical insulation, color retention, good heat resistance, which makes it more usable in automotive and electrical industries. These are also used to coat the metal cans since they are put into use for storing acidic foods. Sometimes they are also being referred as structural adhesives, which are put into use in sports, automobile and marine industry as they bear high strength bonds. They are capable of providing better chemical and heat resistance as compared to other adhesives. The resins, which are cured at room temperature, tend to offer more level of resistance as compared to the ones, which are heat cured. Epoxy resins can also be used as adhesives for wood, some plastics, glass, metal and stone. These resins are commonly used in various industrial applications that comprise of fixtures, models, laminates, molds casting, and various other uses in the industrial manufacturing. These resins also help in replacing the standard methods like metal and wood lowering the overall cost and cut down the manufacturing time. Epoxy Resins have more durability and can bear the high temperature, this is the reason they are used for the building of the composite parts. Epoxy based resins are also used in the electronic industry for motors, insulators, switchgears, transformers and bushings. These are outstanding electrical insulators, which help to safeguard various electrical products during short circuit. These are synthetic resins, which are normally used as construction adhesives for construction engineering.
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