Any Modified silane nail free adhesive stock in SANDAO New Material?
Huizhou SANDAO New Material Co., Ltd's products are stored in our own factory. If you want , you are welcome to contact our staff for detailed advice. Usually, our factory stores regular products can also provide sample. If you need some custom services, then we can tailor the product to your needs. But it takes longer to get the goods you want.

SANDAO New Material is proud of its exceptional record of producing a series of Epoxy resin adhesive series in such an efficient way. Various in styles, SANDAO New Material's Two-component addition-type potting adhesive TDS can meet the needs of different customers. It has the required colorfastness. The type of dye, the amount of dye, the way it binds to the fabric, and the dyeing process contribute to this characteristic. It has been widely used in electronic device manufacturing. Packaging & Printing has become a focal point of brand optimization. Being impressive, this product is left at the top of the customers' mind. It is moisture-proof and shock-resistant.

In this ever changing market, SANDAO New Material believes that advancing with time can make us competitive. Call!
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