Adhesives are one of the most commonly used products

by:SANDAO     2020-06-10
These days you can easily find bonding agents for paper, PVC, wood and even metal. The most widely used glue variants are water based adhesives and hot or melt adhesives. Hot Melt Adhesives Formulated and manufactured using bonding chemicals like EVA (ether vinyl acetate), Metallocene or Polyolefin and PUR (Polyurethane reactive hot melt); the hot melt glue finds application in almost every aspect of life. From production industries to garages and even DIY kits at home, melt adhesion can be exercised with equal ease. This is a form of thermoplastic adhesive, generally produced in the form of cylindrical rods which release the glue when melt. The most popular PUR bonding technique is the use of a melting gun. This electric hot gun uses a continuous heating element to melt the hard thermoplastic stick and ooze out glue by trigger mechanism. How to use a Glue Gun Thanks to innovative designs and technology, glue guns are very easy to use these days. The guns are very compact in shape and require only a power source and glue stick for the job. The first step will be to connect the pistol to the power supply socket and let it heat for a few seconds. Insert the glue stick properly and let the gun heat it till it starts melting. When the rod starts to melt, press the trigger and ooze the liquefied adhesive on the surface of the item. Press the two surfaces to be bonded tightly and apply a fair amount of pressure. Make sure the surfaces do not slide or retract till the adhesive is hot. The surfaces will be pasted tightly after the glue cools down. Tips for safety Although the pistol is very easy to use and highly safe, the melting glue is hot enough to burn skin and cause severe damage. This is why it is important to follow a few precautions while using hot melt glue. Wear proper safety gears like gloves, eyewear and full sleeved clothes. Keep the nozzle at a distance from the skin and electronic or flammable items. Refrain from working around water or with wet hands. Keep the gun out of reach of children and pets, especially when it is on or in use as the glue and high temperature can be very dangerous. Do not forget to turn the gun off after use to prevent it from melting because of the high heat. It is very important to check the pistol well before the use for any wear and tear to avoid accidents. You can also use water based adhesives for a number of manufacturing purposes like label and packaging, panel lamination etc. Get a hot melt glue kit for your house or store and attack every broken piece in your house with a gun.
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