Adhesive bonding is the process of binding materials

by:SANDAO     2020-06-14
Materials There are a number of different adhesives to choose from - and it can be hard to decide the right one. In order to make the correct choice, one should consider the following; which materials are being bonded, the conditions the bond will be exposed to (such as rain and weathering if outdoors), the temperatures the bond will be exposed to, the load type and frequency, the size and shape of the bonded area and for some the aesthetic requirements. For example; if an aircraft manufacturer is looking to bond the joints on an aircraft, they must consider the need for a waterproof, lightweight adhesive that can operate in low temperatures. There are numerous charts online which outline the properties, strength and temperature range of adhesives - it is advised that one consult these charts before choosing their adhesive. Applications One of the positives of choosing an adhesive bond is its ability to be used in a multitude of projects due to its versatility. It is often the adhesive of choice for automobile and aerospace industries - this is due to the reduced weight and increasing durability of the bond. It is not uncommon for areas that have been bonded using adhesives to out-live the technology inside! They also offer an alternative to nail and weld marks which are less aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, this process is often cheaper and delivers similar, if not better, results.Some adhesives are also known for their water resistant properties. This had led to an increase in adhesive bonding within the marine and boating industries. Due to its instant adhesive properties, it is often used in emergency situations, where repairs are need quickly and underwater. Technology To be successful with adhesive bonding, certain measures need to be taken in to account. The first is surface treatment. In order to ensure a high quality bond, clean and debris free surfaces should be maintained at all times. Furthermore, some surfaces require a special treatment which will improve the affinity of the bonding structures. These treatments need to meet the bonding specifications - these can be found online and in adhesive bonding guides. This may sound obvious, but the application of the adhesive itself is very important. The right volume of adhesive must be delivered and the position is also a key ingredient in ensuring the bonds success. An adhesive dispenser is a valuable investment for many industries as it will deliver the vital amount in the desired motion. Finally, all adhesives require some form of curing. Various types of curing exist that include; UV lighting and curing conveyor towers. Vital attention should be paid to the curing specifications of the adhesive in order to ensure the best bond possible.
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